Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Never Never Never Land

I dived in, drove out to that hopeless place, where somebody didn't understand the principles of numbers and breeding.  Lots of people don't get that.  Not only with cats and dogs, but with making kids.

There are more than 14 teens and adults.  The woman who created this situation stood around mainly, with her hands in her pockets while I was there.

The raccoon, also dependent on her food, showed up and would not leave until fed.  Then a herd of wild turkeys came thundering through, also used to eating there.  They too will one day come through and find their friendly diner is now hostile territory.

I wanted to catch the two biggest males, so their hormones can start to wane.  I did catch them, but not before I watched their brand of face off.  I guess they never actually fight, but face off, cheek to cheek, often for hours, yowling loudly.  Too funny.

Peace will be achieved between these two through surgical procedure.

I caught two gray kittens.  Previously I caught a gray tux litter mate.  There is a muted torti in the litter I have not caught.  All the kittens are with KATA.

This buff tabby tux is allegedly a female and currently in a trap in my car.

This rather mild natured big tom is in my car waiting to be neutered tomorrow.

I have not caught this cat yet.  I have to wait until more barn homes are found.

This is Camis, from the colony, who has been in my bathroom.

I have not caught this classic torti yet either.

I haven't caught this muted torti kitten, nor the orange tabby on white in the brush to her right.

Part of the thundering turkey herd!
This little guy was crouched in the brush, dehydrated and starved.  I just grabbed him.  Once home, I gave him sub cu fluids, cleaned his eyes, got him on a warming frisbee and fed him, after which he was one happy little guy.  He's with KATA now.
 The number removed so far from this one situation is 34 cats and kittens.  There are at least 14 more adult and teen cats out there, needing removed immediately, fixed and into barn homes.  There are also at least two more kittens.

You can donate to help these cats through Kitty Angel Adoption Team in Foster, OR.  They have taken in, so far, 11 kittens from this situation and are sponsoring the spays tomorrow of ten adults and teens.
Click here to go to K.A.T. Adoption's website.

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