Friday, October 25, 2013

More Let Em Mulitiply Colony Cat Photos

I trapped four more adults at the colony this afternoon, plus the final litter of gray kitten--a muted calico.

I also was inexplicably unable to lift a trap.  My left hip and leg went into some awful pain.  Strangely, the usual pain in my right leg was absent.  Did it shift on me?  I had to call a friend to come carry the traps to the car, then follow me home to unload them.  I'm going to need help with these cats.

I guess we have til at least the first now, to get the rest out.  I counted about 11 more.  I saw a calico left, two blacks, maybe four grays, and four of various shades of buff and orange.

I caught Felicity, the gorgeous long hair fire torti.  I caught the muted torti.  I caught the classic torti.  I caught another orange male too.

Felicity, now caught but not fixed yet. 
When I caught the little muted torti kitten, she was crying and scared.  The calico, and other cats, came running to try to help her.
Scared kitten in the trap.
This young gray also ran to help the kitten, along with an orange boy and a black girl.
A young orange mackerel tabby watches an older orange tabby enter the trap.

The older orange tabby eventually was caught.  The young mackerel tabby has not been caught.
The calico, who has not been caught, checks out the orange tabby, who has.

Then she slinks off....

But not without a last glance back.
Meanwhile the young mackerel tabby is back, cleaning up spilled bait with the classic torti, who got herself caught.

One of the unfixed blacks licks his or her lips after stealing tuna bites from a trap.
Then poses for a photo!
The muted torti adult shows up.

Does not take her long to be caught!
Gray in the distance.

Gray through the window.

Buff tux, not caught, gets a drink.

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