Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I believe we have now found barn homes to take ten to twelve of the adults/teen cats from the situation outside Lebanon.  Isn't that terrific?

One more barn home and we could have this over and done!

This is one of the teenagers from the colony, now in my bathroom.  I trapped her by accident, when after the last kittens, but she is already allowing me to pet her.  I call her Camis, or Cami for short.  She is maybe seven months old.  KATA may help me get her fixed this Thursday.  She will be going to the barn home taking most of the teenagers and will be gone by Saturday.

I should not count on these homes until the deal is sealed and the cats are there, should I?   Still need to find one more barn home to take whomever is left, three or four more.

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