Saturday, October 19, 2013

Barn Homes for Doomed Cats. Help Me Find Them!

The cats at that Lebanon colony do not deserve to be exterminated, which is to be their fate, if homes aren't found soon for them.

I went out to the rural location today and met the woman trying to help.  Fortunately, she too has a cold, so I didn't have to worry about giving her mine.  The woman who lives there, who has been foreclosed on, isn't helping find them homes at all.  She fed and didn't fix and is about to leave them.

The other woman has already taken out 20 kittens.  Safehaven took 8 of those 20.  KATA (Kitty Angel Team Adoption) a group of volunteers, most of whom work full time jobs, none of whom get paid, took in seven of the 20, and may take in more kittens.

Cathy, the woman helping, has found homes amongst friends for others and still has two at home.  Now she has three at home, because I caught another tonight when out there.  We don't really know how many more kittens need out of there.  I went out to see if I could find more and to see how many adults.  I set up the drop trap and cats came out of the woodwork.

I saw two blacks, two calicos, four young grays/muted tortis, four orange and buff orange, at least, a gray and white male, a black and white and a fire torti long hair, who is gorgeous and looks like a red fox.  I counted at least 14, I think.  Not counting the little kitten I caught.

They are not that feral, to come as close as they did to a complete stranger.  But they are not cats you pick up and hold on your lap.  Not yet anyway.

Cathy has one barn home signed on for two or three adults.

We decided to just make reservations to get them all fixed and do that and hope for the best.  Hope that barn homes will come out of the woodwork to save these kitties.  You can help make that happen by spreading the word about their urgent need.

Come on people, help me find those barn homes.  Not just any will do.  They have to be people who will hold those cats in style (Cathy's husband is going to make relocation cages for those without a suitable confinement space) for three weeks or so, the indoctrination period, a time they settle in, since it's a terrifying thing to lose your home and most of your family and be carted off to somewhere you don't know at all.  Those cats need a good time to adjust and be babied.  If you want it to work out, you do it and if you can't do that small thing, you're not a barn home candidate.

Let's find some homes for these lovely lives.  It can be done.  But the word needs spread far and wide.

These pictures are horrible I took tonight, because it was almost dark and I took them from a distance, so they are blurred and awful but you can see some of them, how beautiful they are, lives who should not be exterminated.

This photo is awful but this cat is drop dead gorgeous!

Fix your cats people.  When you don't, they suffer and die and if other people try to save them, then they incur the costs and heartaches that should be yours.  Oh how I would love to sue every damn person who has vacated on this responsibility.  Stand up and be responsible.  Show your beating heart.   Otherwise, you're already dead.

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