Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cats Are Escape Artisits. But Nobody Believes Me. More Cats Lost....

Cats are escape artists.  This is true.  I wouldn't lie about such a thing.  I try to pound this into people's brains.  It doesn't seem to stick.  People believe what they want to believe.

Five more of the Lebanon cats are gone, escaped from the Lacomb garage room.

Why?  A window was cracked open so they could have fresh air.  The window was kept from opening further simply by a stick placed in the window track.  That got quickly knocked out.  Then the cats simply pushed through the cracked window and flimsy screen and were gone.

At least they were all fixed.

At least they had been held there 8 days.  Maybe they'll stick around.  She does have outbuildings and has food out and two other cats who free roam during the day.

They were to be relocated to a barn home.

Ace and Flopsy remained, unwilling to leave their cozy room with heating pads and food aplenty.

However, Mango, Thumper, Jamaica, Honey Booboo and Crush are on the lam.

Thumper, Jamaica and Honey Booboo were going to go to a different barn home, that wanted only dark colored cats, later this month.

A cat can't help themselves.  If they see something that can be done, a stick moved, a window pushed open, they're not going to not do that.  That is the way of the cat.

I am frustrated and tired and sore but those cats at that Lebanon property are doomed cats, going to die terrible deaths there, if not removed. 

People who feed cats without fixing them are selfish.  You'd think if they really did care, other than throwing out some cat food, in the end, when they'd created a tragic mess for the cats, they would spend some major effort and time helping get them fixed and finding them somewhere. 

So the woman lost five out of her place.  She worked so hard to create a cozy space for them, but just forgot that one little thing, that a cat will find any way out if left any possible way out, even if they don't particularly want out.  They'll do it just because it can be done.  You have to admire such a trait.  And watch out for it.

Good luck Mango, Crush, Honey Booboo, Thumper and Jamaica.  If you stick around there, where you escaped, you'll have a great life.  You really will.  Bless you.  Sorry people are mostly selfish shitholes.  But the people who held you in their garage tried so hard to save you.  Stick around there, my friends, and you'll be ok.

I have to bow out of this situation.  Very sad it has to be but there's nowhere to hold these cats until barn homes can be found.  I don't know where the six in my bathroom will go either.  All we're doing is killing them slowly.

Hopefully it will work out for the cats in both escapee cases, as both areas are great and both woman terrific animal lovers.

There's no plan for anywhere to hold the rest of the cats, if they are trapped, after they are fixed, or places for them to go, outside of the ones the Heartland staffer would have taken, three of whom are now on the lam in Lacomb.  And they would have to be held somewhere until the first of December at least.

So I threw it back on the woman who was trying to save them originally.  I told her if she wanted to trap them I'd transport them to be fixed but she would need to take them after that.  It's up to her if she wants to go ahead.  I know she's super busy.  All people who want to help, like she did, are super busy because there are not very many of them.   I was never intending to hold or house more cats.  I have too many already and no space to hold more.  Now I've got six and need to figure out somewhere for them to go. 

The woman who found the situation is a diehard church goer.  Seems a bit strange none of her church people would help.  And it was me, an atheist, who did help.  Seems strange also my neighbor goes to the same church and when asked if she would help, said she couldn't because she was trying to find homes for the neighbor man's cats after he died.  The woman seeking help told me this innocently, not knowing the neighbor was lying and had not helped place the old man's cats in any way, shape or form.  I clued her in.

That one cracked me up to hear.  That'd be Dano and Sunny she's talking about.  Lying in church is not cool. Bet she never thought she'd be caught in that lie.

There you have it.  Very sad today over the whole thing.  Feel like a failure for those poor lost souls.

The KATA woman holding many of the kittens took some in to be checked because they had swollen (bellies) and were sick.  One was given a parvo snap test and she was told that one had distemper since the test was positive and advised all 11 should be euthanized.  Instead, she called the KATA director, when advised to euthanize, who said "no".

See distemper would have killed those immune compromised unvaccinated kittens instantly, like overnight, she knew.  They took them the next day to their Sweet Home vet who said they're fine, bright eyes, normal temps, eating, but they do have worms.

Roundworms kill plenty of kittens, by the way.   If they're badly infested with roundworms, even worming them can kill them with twists and blockages of the intestines in huge wads of paralyzed worms.

But good save by KATA.  Their vet said he doesn't trust snap tests much.  No doubt lots of lives are lost over snap tests of various sorts.

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