Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Onward! With Tragic Setbacks

If you never try anything big, never take risks, your life is pretty darn boring.

But with risks, often come tragedy.   How a person goes on after something goes bad, says probably more than if everything came out roses.

A good hearted woman offered to hold the unfixed four adult cats I had in traps in my garage, from the Lebanon situation.  Why?  Because I hurt my back somehow, and in the end, could not lift even an empty trap.  But I had those four trapped Friday in my garage.  And no way to even care for them.

The woman offered to hold them.  I usually never do that, not with unfixed cats, in case they get away.  But I had no choice.  She's a good person, sincere, and experienced.

Unfortunately, two of the girls escaped her cage.  I did not find out until I went down yesterday with the fixed ones she was also going to take.

And somehow, trying to open her gate, I received a strong whap from her electric fence.  I'm still not sure how that happened or why it was strong enough to throw me backwards a few feet or leave a burn mark across one finger.

I've contacted plenty of electric fences, sometimes purposely, on a dare.  This zap seemed much stronger.  Or maybe it was the "shock" factor.  Surprise!

Guess I'm lucky.  My back seems better after the electric shock and fly through the air.

A needed reboot?

Long and short of it is I felt so bad for those escapee girls.  Guilty, for not checking the containment cage, responsible for two unfixed females out there now.

It's a lovely property, perfect for cats however, and she has other very happy cats there, that hopefully the girls will see, which can make them relax, feel safe, so maybe they will just hang out there.   Usually cats who escape confinement early, will hunker down nearby or book it for home.  If they book it for home, it will prove fatal for them, since there are two freeways inbetween.

Hopefully they will see this is a far better place they've ended up in, and stick around that property.  It is better, really great for cats there.  And later, we can catch them and get them fixed.

If there is a way out of anywhere, a cat will find it.  That is one truth pounded into me over and over again by experiences just like these.  My cat friend in Sweet Home told me, in condolence, she took a dozen or so cats to someone who built a very nice seemingly secure containment cage.  Next morning, not one cat was left inside it.  Every one of them escaped.

There were two unfixed cats left inside the cage.  I brought them back home, along with the fixed ones she was going to take.  She didn't have time to fix the cages, being off to her week of work out of town.

Keep an eye out, for the girls, in Tangent, near highway 34 and I5, on Three Lakes road, Grand Prairie, Spicer and Highway 20 up to KGAL, if you would please.  If you spot them, let me know.  One of those escapees is Felicity, the gorgeous long hair fire torti.  The other is Siri, a classic torti, who looks black from a distance.

Devastation overtook me last night.  Sadness.  I had 8 cats here again, the six who were going to live there and the two unfixed ones of the four she was holding until they could be fixed.  What was I going to do.  I thought maybe I should give it up, that it was crazy to try to save that colony.

But it isn't crazy.  It's the sane kind thing to do.

Crazy people don't care about anything but themselves and their stupid dead material possessions.  There are plenty of crazy people out there.   The woman who held them, although two escaped, she's one of the kind people.  So am I and I'm not changing due to setbacks.

I'm going to keep trying.  The Lacomb woman came by, and picked up Flopsy and Vino, two of the fixed gray ones, to take take up and add to the five fixed ones she is holding.

And this morning, there is this e-mail waiting for me to wake up and read.  Barn home offer.  For all the black and gray cats--11 in all.    My heart is singing!

Ace needs a tame boy home.  And keep a look out for Felicity and Siri, in case they decided to try to get home.

Gorgeous Felicity.  Breaks my heart she is one who is gone.

Siri, the classic torti, note the orange right foot (tortis can be hard to tell apart).

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