Thursday, October 31, 2013

Keep Going?

I guess we're going to keep trying.  Heartache is my middle name.

 The Lacomb woman who found this situation and is trying to help is having a lot of stress from other things in her life.  She needs this, to believe she didn't give up on it.  I guess I do also.  Even if one lives, and has a life to live, that's something.  They are otherwise doomed to starvation, or being shot or poisoned.

We still have the Heartland staffer willing to take the grays and blacks.  There are two blacks left out on the property and possibly four grays.  Flopsy or Honey Booboo, one or the other, didn't escape, don't know which.  And I have Vino, the gray male, here, plus Mona Lisa, the muted torti, who qualifies as gray.

We are so hoping the Tangent woman might still take some.  Even though two escaped, that is a great place for cats and she is a huge animal lover.

Don't know yet, if that can happen, but hoping.

Not sure about the original barn home she thought would take 8.  They now say four or five, I think, not sure.  It's someone the Lacomb woman knows.

I won't send any here to there, without being able to check it out myself.  Just can't.  I would take the ones here to the Tangent place, however, because I've seen it and it's awesome.

Anyhow, heartache abounds in this life.   Going forward, trying, is the only way to survive it.

It helps me at least to meet in the process other people also helping animals best they can despite their own busy stress filled lives.

These are awesome women I have met, the Tangent woman, the Lacomb woman, then the Heartland woman, am humbled really, and I will give it my all.

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