Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Real Deal!

I have become cynical about people and their motives over the years.  Too cynical.

Today I was given a gift.  My car is back and fixed and all for a fraction of what it would have cost elsewhere to be fixed.

A right rear wheel bearing had failed, right as my self appointed mission as a cat wrangler had to end, when Poppa Inc., the wonderful Beaverton based nonprofit that funded all the spays and neuters, closed their spay neuter mission.

My depression has been severe although I try to brighten up my outlook with other projects and pursuits.  But when the car failed like that, and I live so far out in suburbia land, I was very sad.

In addition to the failed wheel bearing, the car has been leaking oil from the rear main seal for a year.   Sometimes they can leak a long time before gushing oil.  But I knew that would come.

A paper reporter, who loves cats, suggested I take my car to a guy in Albany she had done a story about for the paper.  He's done prison time and been homeless and said in the article he wants to help others now.

But I really could not believe words.  How often have people told me, when I pick up their cats to be fixed, "We'll donate for your gas or the fix job when we get paid" then I've never heard from them again?   Let's just say when people say that I never hear back from them.  But I'd get their cats fixed anyway, for the sake of their cats and for the sake of all cats and for the sake of all the little people, shelters and rescues trying to stop the horrors caused by overpopulation.

Words often mean absolutely nothing. I disregard them.  Words are easy to speak, in anger or in the moment, or to appease or to manipulate.

Actions are what count.

So I took my car to him on Tuesday.  He thought he would have it done the same day.  When he didn't, my cynical nature kicked on.  I wondered if I would see my car again.

But today I have my car back.  And tears in my eyes.  He charged me half shop labor rate, almost nothing, under $400, to repair both the rear main seal, that required taking out the cars' transmission, and for replacing the bad wheel bearing.  I gave him more than that.  I'd been saving for a year to get the rear main fixed, you see, and I don't want this man, helping others in a very crucial fashion, keeping their transportation lifeline in repair, to not make it.  What he's doing is so needed here in this impoverished county.

I am a believer again.  There are good people out there.   I hugged him, said thank you, eyed my prized car with happiness, running again, the Catmobile, the little car that could, a car that has hauled 10,000 cats to be fixed or to new homes.  He never said a word about how it smells either, just that his cat, who needs fixed, really liked my car.

I will get his cat fixed for him.

This guy is the real deal.

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