Saturday, June 15, 2013


Ok, so I thought life was beautiful again.  I went to do shopping this morning.  The car felt strange, shifting all the time, loosey goosey.

I get home and forgot it though.  Until I go out to my garage, loose my footing in something and take a slide.  I look down to see why I slipped and there's red fluid in a puddle and line to the left a foot and down a bit from where the oil used to drip from the leaking seal.


Only it's more than a little leak.  It's a holy cow leak.

There's more out in the driveway.

I call the mechanic and tell him.  He says fill it up with transmission fluid and bring it down.

So I do.  It's down over half a quart, in a day.

So when he put it back together, after fixing the rear main seal and wheel bearing, he said the axle seal must not have seated correctly or tore or something.

So he can't get the axle seal til next week some time.

I exchanged oil spots on my garage floor for transmission fluid puddles.  I got one seal fixed and now another leaks.


Meet the new leak.  This is part of what leaked out last night, from the damaged axle seal supposedly.  This is with no driving, just gravity.

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