Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Car in Shop. Sun Gone.

My car is gone.  In the shop.

I thought I'd have it back by this evening, rear main seal repaired and a new right rear wheel bearing.

Just couldn't be that easy, could it?

The mechanic called at 4:30 p.m. to tell me he'd just gotten the tranny out, to get at the seal.  He was about to put in the new one he got from an auto parts store, only to find it is not the right seal.  He says he can't get the right one for three or four days.  He's trying to find another sooner and is supposed to let me know.  Also, it took him all day long to just get the tranny out.  Uh oh.  That sounds like lots more money for labor.

My brother says taking an engine out of a Honda or Toyota is a bitch and requires specialized Toyota specific tools to tame the dragon in the job.  However, he also can't believe there's no rear main seal to fit it in the valley or that it would take three or four days to get one here in the age of Fed Ex Over Night.

That means I probably won't have a car for a week.  I was not prepared for this.  I have almost no food in the frig.

I hope I see my car again.  I hope.  I hope.  I hope.

I told him, "Well, I guess we have to roll with this."

There's not a damn thing I can do about it.  My gut is kind of churning though.  In worry.

The weather has been hot here in Oregon.  Until today.

Today it wants to rain very badly, but so far only some light sprinkles.

These are potatoes I planted from store bought ones that sprouted out before I used them.  I don't have dirt so I cover them as they grow with yard clippings.

Sock flowers.
Privacy Fence Building.  It's up now, along the backyard.  I had some extra horse fencing to make the fence.  Then I cut sheets to wind in the wire for the privacy factor.

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