Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Bye Bye Mikey

Mikey went to his new home in Independence today.  The woman who took him in, is very poor and lives in stark contrast to the people who refused to take him back, after I offered to help get him fixed.   But she offered anyway and her offer was full of heart and soul.  I knew she would try her best for him.  So I took him up, with his beloved carrier and snuggy blanket.  I revamped the cage today and took it up also and told her she can keep it.  I was very grateful to her.  I hope to round up some food to take her tomorrow, when I return her three cats, three of the last six I will take in to be fixed tomorrow using Poppa funds.

She's already talking about how she can see how much he wants to be loved.  She's already petting him and talking about his vision problems, that he is near sighted and so he hisses if she enters the room at first but not if she speaks to him first.  That's because he's cross eyed.  He can't focus on distances, only closer up.

She renamed him Da Vinci before I even arrived.  Good luck, Da Vinci.  You have a shot there, amongst the poor, who are rich with kindness.

Mikey, now named Da Vinci, has been adopted by an Independence woman.  

How hard it must be for a big boy, not fixed, to roam unwanted, with such vision issues.  How frightening all the changes he's gone through must be for him.  At last, I hope Da Vinci can relax, in time, and be loved.

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