Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Bad Mouth

I finally got a dentist.  Took two years after my long time dentist retired.  The news is not good.

I know I broke a filling out on popcorn many months back.  More and more has fallen out.  That tooth now has to be pulled. Then part of a front tooth filling fell out and over time, I could see decay around the edges and knew there was likely decay behind it.

I didn't know most of the filling in the tooth behind the one that broke has fallen out also, allowing in decay.  I seem to have a lot of broken or partly missing fillings.

I had to switch dental plans to find a local dentist.  There really aren't any dentists in this area who took the plan I was on, except the free clinics at the Boys and Girls Clubs.  They don't do adults unless its emergency care.

I got the run around for two years, because the plan listed dentists in the area as on their plan, but when I'd finally get in touch with the office, they would say they did not accept patients on that plan.

I found out I could only change plans once per year at a given time, too.  Fortunately, this year, an exception was made, given the state of my mouth.

I won't have many teeth left soon.

I brush three times a day, don't drink soda pop and floss at least four times a week.

However, most of my life was spent in the mental system, drugged up on psyche drugs that affect a person's mouth like meth---dry it out!

I have acid reflux also and the acid burns down your tooth enamel, allowing in bacteria.  I take prilosec when I can afford it.  I don't eat within four hours of going to bed.

Does it seem strange my father was a dentist and yet I had my first dental check up in my mid twenties?  After that, I don't think I had any dental care, outside of a night jaw protector for TMJ/teeth grinding made, until the 90's.  That's because I didn't have any insurance and no money.  I don't know what the date was, in the 90's that I had virtually my first real dental care done, including the first ever cleaning.  It's unclear in my memory.

The shoemaker's kids.....

By then I had some very large cavities.  If you're young, and can find some way to get regular checkups and cleaning, do it.  You'll save yourself misery and tooth loss later in life.

It's not just sugar and no brushing that can damage your teeth.  Teeth grinding and acid reflux can steal your enamel.  I still grind my teeth nights sometimes when my jaw clenches up especially from tightened facial and neck muscles, when I overdo it and inflame my neck.

Well, now I have one tooth that has to be pulled and the one next to it, minus most of its filling too, which fell out at some point. Parts of at least two front tooth fillings gone, with decay around them, and other problems.

My insurance doesn't pay for crowns, bridges or root canals, just cleaning once a year or two years, not sure which, fillings and extractions.

I guess that's life.  I don't know anyone who can pay out of pocket these days for a crown, let alone a crown with root canal, which runs into thousands of dollars cost to restore one tooth.

I am lucky I can get the ones that can be saved filled and the ones that can't-- pulled.

I'll have no chewing teeth on the upper right very soon.  The remnants of the broken one will be pulled end of this month and the one next to it, the only other tooth left on that side, now with most of a large filling fallen out too, probably will go  by the end of the summer.  They said they could put a temp filling in it, in prep for a root canal, but I can't come up with money for a root canal and crown.  It's not something I could ever afford.  So when it starts hurting, I will have it pulled.

So first I will have my teeth cleaned and the broken tooth pulled.  Did you know most dentists don't pull teeth anymore?  I did not know that.  There are dentists who just pull teeth now, specialists, and most general dentists don't do that.  How things change!!

I'm very happy to have a dentist again!  Let the drilling begin!
Mikey, the lynx point dumped on me last week, by the N. Albany assholes, is still here, causing issues with my cats and for me.  Not sure yet if he is completely tame or just acting like an unfixed unruly bad boy who wants out to fight and breed.  Sam touches noses with him below, and although there's been no spatting even through the screen mesh door on the bathroom, there has been some yowling and tail twitching, on Mikey's part.  He's supposed to leave tomorrow to go to a home.  But they have pitbulls, plus other cats.  I hope it works out.  Will take time and patience and I hope they will still take him on.  Not easy to take on a mature male freshly neutered this time of year, as the hormonal urges in him, to fight, roam and breed, will remain strong for a month or more.  Would have been so much better if he could just have gone back, to his familiar territory, and those assholes could have fed him.  Not like it would cost them much effort or money.  But no.  They were just too selfish and mean.

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