Sunday, April 14, 2013

Caught, but Will he Be Back?

I caught the big long hair gray and white male whom I first saw in my yard two days ago.  He may have been around longer than that.  Sam's been pee marking up a storm, which is what he does when another unfixed male roams through the yard.  I've caught 38 cats now, roaming unfixed through my yard, since moving here six years ago.  Can you believe that?  This area is bad!

The neighborhood and more importantly, the cats, are lucky I moved here.

So I had tried to help a young woman get her cats fixed, about a half mile from here.  She had two unfixed females and three kittens.  The kittens were barely weaned and their mom was about to have another litter.  The other adult female was to be fixed the day I took the kittens to be fixed, but she and her roommates did not have any of the cats ready, and the female darted into the fireplace insert and up over its edge into the wall.  The cats had been using the old ashes as a cat box.  It was all quite disgusting and horrible for the cats.

I stopped by a week later though, hoping to pick up that female, to be fixed.  However, they got into it with me, said they figured she was pregnant now too and would go through abortion anxiety.  I said "what about the anxiety they go through just living in this house?  What about the cats who die because there are too many?"  I was ordered to leave then, after which I got several very mean e-mails from the original woman who contacted me from that house.

First time there though, I asked what males were impregnating their females.  They mentioned a big fluffy gray and white feral.  This is going to be him.  I'm half mile from them, at the most.

It's dumbshit stupid to allow your precious girl cats outside unfixed to mate with big crusty diseased males.  It's like encouraging your teen daughter to go out and have sex with stinky old homeless guys who shoot drugs or with truckers who hump anything that moves, as they travel and are often seriously STD'ed.

At check in this morning, at the FCCO clinic, the first reaction from those volunteers were "Boy, he might not be coming back."  See they test cats with obvious signs of disease.  If they test positive for FIV or Felk, they are euthanized.

This cat is a mature fighting male, in Albany, where nobody seems to fix their cats, males especially.  So FIV and Felk are epidemic among outside allowed free roamers.  He doesn't look good, looks like a five year old beat up cat who has never had it easy, and fought many battles over territory or sex rights.  The liklihood he is positive for FIV or Felk or both is extremely high.  The FCCO only tests, however, if they see obvious signs of disease.  We shall see.

I asked if the FCCO woman who picked up the cats yesterday, for people who had registered for the cancelled Corvallis clinic, could transport him back and she said she could, so I don't have to wait around up there at least.

I wonder if this boy will be coming back, or if he will be tested.  If they test him, I know he won't be coming back because I know Albany.  The cats here don't stand a chance.

UPDATE:  He's back.  All 13.7 lbs of him.  He had no obvious signs of disease, mouth looked good, I was told.  So I'll release him tomorrow.  I'll probably not see him again, since he's roaming, from somewhere, looking for love. He'll feel like an unfixed male for another month.  I hope he survives his dwindling hormones.  It's a brain operation really, a neuter.  Shifts his resources from his lower brain (the balls) to the higher functioning brain behind his eyes.  Gives him back his life, rather than his life now, being a slave to hormones.  Sad life it is--fighting, breeding.

His search for sex took him through the wrong yard!!  Actually, the right yard, the yard that might have saved his life, ultimately, if he makes it through the next month.

I get back from picking him and the five from the other Albany location up, and the Lynx Point I don't know, is at the front of a trap I left set.  I wonder if that's an unfixed girl.  I don't know that Lynx Point, or where it came from.  I've seen him or her also only for the last few days.  If it's another unfixed male, means nearby, somewhere, is another unfixed female drawing them in.

Kitties.  You don't come through my yard unfixed.  You're going to leave my yard a different cat.  Get it?

Bwah ha ha!

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