Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cats, Cats and More Cats

I had reservations at Heartland to get five cats fixed Thursday.  KATA had referred a Crabtree woman to me, who had a dozen unfixed cats, some pregnant.  She was very desperate.  In the end, however, KATA arranged with Heartland that all her cats could be fixed Thursday, except the one lactating Persian, and her kittens.  But the other ten were fixed.

I have been helping a Lacomb woman.  However, she's never caught any of her cats, not for this Thursday and not for appointments I reserved for her the week before.  I helped her a few years back get a bunch fixed, but there are more she has.   When she couldn't catch any unfixed ones, I told the Jefferson woman she could bring five.  However, she caught only two more.  Two others were fixed the week before.
Tommy was fixed last week, from Jefferson.

Tiffany, a pregnant cinnamon torti, was also.

Timmy was fixed from the Jefferson colony Thursday.

Teddy was too.  He's not a true Scottish Fold.  He just has severe hematomas that have bent over his ears, from chronic ear mites. Teddy probably cannot hear.
The Corvallis FCCO clinic was cancelled.  I am not sure why.  But the FCCO decided to make sure the cats who had been registered for the clinic get fixed.  An FCCO employee is coming down this afternoon to transport the cats to Portland, to be fixed tomorrow.  I ended up getting involved, when asked.   I got the traps the former coordinators had, on hand, to loan out, brought them here, and handed them out to the people who needed them.

A man called me wanting help for a friend of his, also in Lacomb, whom he said had lots of cats.  He said he is friends with a Lebanon man I helped and I believe expected the same level of help for his Lacomb woman friend.  I told him I couldn't do that, that his Lebanon man friend cost me a lot of money, time and that he didn't lift a finger to help and I can't do that anymore.  I got close to 30 cats fixed for his Lebanon man friend, over a year's time, built him a feral housing unit, and got five dying kittens out of there, up to a Portland rescue with the money to treat bulging dead eyes and ringworm.  The man donated, in total, $10 for all that effort and impeded my efforts on multiple occasions for unknown reasons.  Man games, I called them, to myself.

 I suggested he call the FCCO and make appointments and help his friend get them up and fixed.  However, I also gave his number to the FCCO woman who did call him and got his friends number or the friend called the FCCO back then.  Not sure which.  She's supposed to bring her ten cats over to the meet up place, to be hauled up to Portland to be fixed.  We shall see.  If she doesn't, take advantage of getting free transport and virtually free fixes, that would be really dumb ass stupid.

I helped one party in Albany trap.  I've got five from there so far.  The woman who contacted the FCCO is helping a friend who is in a nursing home.  I know the woman in the home.  I helped her get cats fixed there before.  And I helped people all around that area get cats fixed.  So being over there again is both traumatizing, since there are quite a few nasty people in the area, and nice, to see old cat friends.  The woman is returning home very shortly.  She fell and hurt herself and has been in rehab.

I had a new cat show up in my yard.  I saw him yesterday, a huge beat up long hair gray and white.  I don't know if he's just passing through, on the roam for sex this time of year, or will be a constant.  I set traps last night when I first spotted him.  If I catch him, it will be cat number 38 I've caught in my own yard, since moving here, to be fixed.  38 cats!!  Can you believe that?
I took the photo in twilight, through my kitchen window, so it's not a good photo.


He is not happy, and charges me if I even approach the trap.  Too bad, buddy.

But I only caught Roger Roger last night.  I got him fixed last January.
Roger Roger!

This morning, it was Mr. Piss in my trap.  I got him fixed three years ago.
Mr. Piss was pissed again this morning.
I was called by old friends, a farmer and his wife, whom I've known for many many years.  Over cats of course.  I remember Vicki, from KATA, picked me up after my neck surgery, back in 2001, when I still couldn't drive after surgery and was in a neck brace.  We went out to their farm and netted cats he had contained in a double doored wire feeding room.  They were flying around our heads!  We got them all netted and into carriers!  They were fixed.!  He bet me $50 I couldn't catch the last female.  Guess who paid out!

I got seven more fixed for them last summer when a tame pregnant female was dumped off and had five kittens.  They were teens when he called.  Very carefully he made a big huge outside pen to contain them after surgery so he could tame the teens.  And that very night I returned them, all fixed, every one of them escaped that pen.  Poor Steve!  The big male I caught back last summer, is in the house, a big fat happy lap cat now.   "Well, he started following me around like a dog," Steve drawled, "so I asked my wife if I could bring another inside and she said ok so I carried him in."   Ha!  Lucky cat.  These are the nicest people you'd ever meet.

Three more have showed up.  I caught one in about five minutes.  But then, with him in the trap in the back of the car, I pulled the towel off the cage to have a look, and it's big Scottish Fold long hair bob tail.  And he's tame.  Laid back within moments in the trap.  I pet him through the mesh.  He has beautiful golden eyes. KATA, up in Sweet Home, says they'll take him in, try to find him a decent home.

Scottie the Scottish Fold.

So I built some cat shelves, for carriers the cats use as beds.  I got these cabinet doors, for 50 cents each at the Restore, cut them to fit, painted them and installed three so far as shelves.  I have to install the cat ladder yet, so the cats can climb up to them.

I spray painted the carrier tops green for consistency.
My mower is fixed.  I took it to the Black and Decker repair center in Portland.  It took them about 20 minutes to fix it.  They replaced the motor and I was on my way.  Once home, I mowed my front yard immediately.  I was happy to have my mower working again.  While the company on Amazon who sold it to me was not helpful in any way, Black and Decker certainly was helpful, thank goodness.

The haircuts around here continue.  No one is safe from my clippers.  Lucky for the cats, the blade has dulled and the haircuts will slow down until I get that blade sharpened.  I usually take a dull blade to Densons Feed Store in Corvallis.  They had some FedEx guy who would sharpen blades for $5 each.  I hope they still have that going.  That's a good deal.

Sam did not get a full haircut.  But, you know, sometimes that's the way life is.  I think he looks good anyhow.  Miss Daisy and Electra also got partial hair cuts.   Bwah ha ha.

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