Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Friend

The five Albany cats from that house, where I've been trapping inside the house, were fixed yesterday at the FCCO.  They included a big black and white male; a young black and white male and three young girls, one black and white, one black and one gray.   I released three of those cats this morning, the two males and the gray girl, but forgot to take photos of the cats.  I also released a black adult female there, whom I had caught in the night.  She's already fixed.
She was fixed Sunday from the Albany colony.

So was this big male, plus a teen male who looks just like him.

And this black tux girl.  Also, her sister, a gray girl.  The woman had a chance to turn them all over to Safehaven, a couple of months after they were born.  A community police officer got the reservations with Safehaven.  But then the woman refused.  She doesn't care for them. 

Unknown if this girl is fixed or not.

This morning, in one trap, an unfixed mackeral tabby.  I knew he was needing caught.  There is also a big orange and white male, another black teen, and an unknown if fixed cinnamon torti there.  Besides a bunch of fixed cats.

Tomorrow I will take back the other two girls.  I have to hold the male until I can find a place to get him neutered, along with the Scottish Fold guy.  It is not that easy around here, to find anywhere that will bill Poppa, while Poppa is still doing the spay neuter funding, which is for another two months.

I won't be trapping for the other two ferals at the Albany house this week, due to having nowhere to take them, if I caught the cats, to be fixed.

It sucks enough to be holding two unfixed big males in my garage until I can get them fixed.  It upsets my cats, the smell of unfixed males.  Should help a lot that the big gray and white is fixed now.  If I could only catch that unknown Lynx Point.

I got informed the rescue group who took in the two teen boy kittens from the Albany complex where the feeder tenants were evicted and cats left to starve, wants me to take them back, as they didn't tame enough to adopt out.  So Keni is taking them back at Odd Cat Out.  I feel bad about that.  She cares for so many, already has six from that complex, but she is good natured about it, knows they have no other option.  I have three of those complex cats here.  Was never supposed to be, to be manipulated so badly by the city person and that complex and even the tenants, who could have gotten them fixed long ago.  Now the weight and cost of caring for them are on me and Keni.  I wish people would fix their pets.  I wish people would realize if they feed cats, they need to fix them.

It's not very bright to feed cats without fixing them.

I released the big long hair gray and white guy this morning too, back into my yard, where I caught him.  I didn't think I'd ever see him again.

I worked all day at taking apart the love seat.  It's been stinky and useless for a long time.  I meant to get it out of the house sooner, but hadn't gotten to it. I intend to make myself a couch one of these days using old pallets.

 So I did it today, fueled by a tension over the Boston Marathon bombing, which was all over the news.  Who could do such a thing?  And why?  I shouldn't wonder why. There are barbarians all over the world killing innocent people, including many freakazoids here, in the U.S. who kill for fun.  They try to blame it on some cause or religion usually, if caught alive, but really, they kill because they're arrogant freaks and hate themselves or hate people who love life or there's money in it somehow or status they feel.

So the couch dismemberment project, for disposal, although not planned for today, happened today.

I got worn out from that and other projects and took a nap that lasted until after midnight!  I wake up, go out to put the garbage to the curb, and see something is inside the trap I left set for the Lynx Point frequenting my yard.  I hope that it is him, and approach the trap. It's not him.  It's guess who!, the big gray and white again.

He hisses at me.  I figure that's bluff.  I mean, it's not like he didn't know that trap would spring when he went in again.  "Sorry, buddy," I say, "I don't believe your hiss anymore."  I break open a can of wet food and drop it through the trap mesh for him.  He's waiting on it and gulps it down.  I open another can and do the same.  Then another.  I open the back of the trap and take off the door so he can leave whenever he wants but he stays in the trap until every speck of food is gone.  Finally he ambles off with a backwards look at me.

I have a new friend.  He's big and shaggy and kind of scraggly and he likes me.

Guess I'll think up a name.

Zeva, whom I got fixed, but who has a home on another block, checks out my tire.

Mops checks out the new carrier shelves.

Meesa is looking good these days.  She doesn't take shit off anyone here.
Blueberry is getting big!

Poppy is getting old!
Scottie, the tame Scottish Fold I trapped was dumped out on a rural road by some local asshole.

Might be a domestic terrorist, they're now saying, about the Boston bombing.  There was an explosive device detonated in a trailer park in Corvallis a few days ago.  Read about it here.
I hope it is not related.  A trailer park, in this area, an explosion, you think meth lab, automatically.  I guess if there are explosions in this area I'd rather have them meth labs blowing up than to think somebody is seriously disturbed experimenting with and creating bombs to kill people in other cities.

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