Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Day

No big party today.  Nothing like that.  Nothing at all like that.

Was my birthday.

I took six cats up to Portland.  Four were from the infamous complex (my second home).   I took up Patches, Booboo and Whitemouth (now Whitman) to their barn.  It's the same place the other four are at--two boy kittens, a black tux teen and Suzy, the black tux adult who looks exactly like the black tux teen female.

I took Jazz, the black female from the complex to the FCCO, along with the last two cats from the Albany House of Grays.  Jazz was pregnant.  Yikes.

I spent most of the day at the barn, cleaning.  I had to kill some time before meeting the barn woman there, so I got some coffee and sat around in my car.

I finally went and picked up the three at the FCCO.  Traffic was very heavy on the way back to the clinic, and not so bad on the way back out to the barn with Jazz.  I was going to put her in the relocation cage with her family but after finding out she was pregnant, I figured she would want to recuperate alone for a day or two.

I came back and returned the House of Grays cats.  Done there.  Except for a kitten too sick to be fixed yesterday.

I'm done with the tame cat round up, except for a few I promised I would fix for people.  Otherwise, that part of the whole thing is over.  Kind of let down, but what is one to do?

Later this evening, I checked the trap at the complex.  Flag was up. I got so excited I almost peed my pants. It had to be one of the black tuxes, I figured.  But no.

No, it was this big wild feral boy.\

I call him Nine, because he's the ninth unfixed cat I've caught there.

I'm sure lucky the Portland barn took the ferals in and the Portland rescue took in the tame two.  I'm so lucky in that regard.  Good people took over their care,  Mimi and Simone the tame pair never had it so good.  Neither did that feral family.  Boy now they have it made!  It's really cool to think about saving 10 cats from right there.  But I can't allow myself to celebrate until I get the last three.  I don't like leaving any behind.  I feel for them.  But if I get those last three, now I will be celebrating.  Totally!

The black tux that is not pregnant must be a girl too and in heat, bringing in the boys.  He's well fed, so once fixed, I will return him.

I responded to someone who lost a gray and white cat a few blocks from the complex and sent them this guys picture just in case.  Then I remembered the other gray and white I at first thought was another kitten but its too big,  It showed up recently, at the complex, about three days ago, running around hungry.  I bet that's her lost cat.  I told her where he'd last been seen.  Has to be him.

Except I got told the woman who abandoned Mimi and Simone abandoned a third cat.  No description provided by the woman who knew her however.  She knew about Simone the big Siamese and Mimi was so obvious as she was trying to get back inside the same rental, after a new tenant moved in.  But the third is a mystery.

But it's good if the gray and white is the cat lost a few blocks away. Tenants say they think they see a collar on him.  Means there really might be only the three left.  One black.  Two black tuxes.  Yay.  Oh, and a possum.  A big possum.

Caught him once.  Probably will again.

I enlisted the all nighter tenants help and asked them to take over trapping since they're up all night anyhow.  They tried, but mucked it up, placing traps everywhere, spooking the cats further, so I took the traps from them.  Oh well.

I like most of the tenants there now.  Sure some/most aren't into helping those stray cats but I can't make people care about what I care about.  That's the way it is.  It always frustrates me in a difficult trapping situation, where I feel unable to hide and do what I do, but some places are like that.

What will be will be.  But I might get lucky and get that preggie yet.  You think?  It could happen.

I've caught everything else---the possum, Fred (from the next complex), tame males, unknown males, Fred.....and 9 other cats.  It could happen.  That preggie could just wander in there like its nothing.

Well, my birthday is over.  I would have liked to have done something with friends, family.  But in reality, nobody seems to celebrate anything anymore, that I know of.  There's too much texting and FB'ing instead I guess. And nobody has free time.

Or maybe I'm just too alone.  And too alone too long.  I will try harder to make friends somewhere.

If you know me, you probably would have guessed that I couldn't leave unfixed cats behind the complex where I've been trapping either, not if owners or feeders would allow me to get the cats fixed.  So Thursday Baby Big Balls, the little black cat with huge balls, was fixed at Heartland.  I didn't get a photo of him.  Pretty Boy, the big Siamese mix with massive balls, was fixed same day but at Willamette Humane.
Pretty Boy, big Siamese mix male, fixed Thursday, along with Baby Big Balls, a black male.  Both roamed the street behind the complex where I've been trapping.

Thursday, two more Albany House of Gray Cats were fixed at Heartland.  Coralina here was one of them.

Grady, an Albany House of Gray male, was fixed Thursday at Willamette Humane in Salem.

Izzy, House of grays female muted torti, was also fixed at Heartland.

House of Grays kitten was judged too sick to be fixed at Heartland Thursday and sent home.  I told them she needed to see a vet and was shocked when they told me yesterday they took her to a vet.  It made me happy!

And for the record, so I can keep myself straight, should I ever need to remember, I took Jazz, the black female from the apartment complex, then also a gray male and another torti female, from the House of Grays to be fixed at the FCCO.  Jazz did not return, but went to the barn holding the rest of her family.
House of Gray male fixed Friday at the FCCO.

Final adult House of Gray female fixed Friday FCCO.

Jim and Jane of Corvallis, who have adopted is it four cats from me now, anyhow, a few, left cat food and human food outside my garage yesterday at some point while I was gone.  They left me a bag of Costco dry and a case of Friskies wet food.  But then....but then, I found a baggie of home grown catnip in amidst the food, and two cat toys.

Sam attacks the cat toy with Mops trying to get involved.

Miss Daisy however, just wanted to eat catnip.
I use a lot of catnip.  I was sent a huge cannister by my mysterious and kind online Canadian friend Elaine, who also sends me wet cat food--life saving to me.  I use catnip also when trapping to try to get spooked cats high, so they're more likely to go into a trap.

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