Monday, March 04, 2013

Too Late?

I caught the preggie.  And the second black tux.  Only a young black fuzzy male remains to be caught at the complex of suffering.

But, she has milk bags, either forming as in about to give birth, or, as in just gave birth.

I don't know which.  Two days ago, she was still pregnant.  But I don't know now.

If she had kittens, they are under that apartment, where her feeder used to live, before she was evicted and left them, with a last glance and no attempts to find them somewhere else to call home or even to get them fixed.  That's cold!

I have no way to get under there to look.  I left a message with the manager, but he is not one to take command and get something done.

Especially not to save one or two day old kittens.

Same tenants who fed these cats helped a previous manager trap over a dozen and dump them behind Home Depot.  Why would people feed cats then help dump them and also claim they care about them?  My soul wants to bleed sometimes.  We could behave better towards the animals.

I have nowhere to get her fixed quickly.  That way I'd know--lactating or still pregnant.

So I do what I can do.  That's it.  I'm exhausted.

I stuck my camera through the foundation hole and took photos, one way to look under a place I can't get into myself.  That eye you see, I circled in blue and added an arrow, that's the black male under there.  Still needs catching, poor little guy.  These cats have not had it easy.  The kittens would be up in the insulation somewhere.  They do cry and loudly, even that young, if momma doesn't come back to feed them.

I caught the other black tux last night.   This is her, below in the photo.
Gidget, the smaller black tux female.

Still pregnant and about to give birth, or did she just have kittens, I don't know which, but she has milk bags.Was out most of the night over there, trying to drop trap the black male, but fell asleep, head flopped over awkwardly and woke myself up about 1:00 a.m. snoring and drooling.  Not pretty.

She's not going back either way.  No way.  Just the way it is.  One more little black male to catch.  Then it's party time!

I checked her again, with flashlight.  She's still pregnant I think, but birth may be imminent.
It's my last hurrah, with cat wrangling, 
but I think I did my job for her.

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