Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Too Old!

I am too old to be sitting in a freezing car all night, night after night, after those darn apartment cats.  They are hard to trap because everything they knew has disappeared.  The feeder tenant, once evicted for feeding and never fixing the cats, took everything, besides their twice daily food, including their beds.  If she would have caught them herself because they knew her, before she moved, and took everything that was set up for them, it would have been easy.

Now they are lost and forlorn and starving and totally spooked out.  Darn shit tenant.

That woman has issues.  She was dedicated to making the effort to save them fail.  I think so she could feel more of a victim.  Or just out of spite.  She should have been charged with abandonment.  Why she and the other tenants feeding would not get them fixed is beyond my capacity to understand.  Issues, I guess, and it is damn easy to thow out a bowl of food twice a day.  Takes no effort.  But trapping, that might take a little work.

So on and on it goes, as I succomb to exhaustion and bitterness, cursing everyone, including the darn city official I got into it with over these cats.

The two abandoned next door are now in Portland. Simone, the big Siamese, is old and has very bad teeth.   Mimi has a flea allergy.  Both were crawling in them.  That's a nonprofit low income housing project next door to where I am trapping, where they were abandoned.  Why don't low income projects have a fixed pet only policy and enforce it?  Why don't they charge tenants who abandon cats?  It is against the law.

Old, crawling in fleas, with bad teeth, abandoned in Albany.  Simone.  Now in Portland.

Guess I'm getting tired of the high rates of abandonment in this town.  The 8 at the nursery.  The two at the housing project.  And at least 11 ferals at this complex.  Yes, ferals can  be abandoned.  If a person feeds them, they're their cats.  When they walk off and leave them, that's abandonment.  I'd like to kick some of those asshole tenants down the block, I would.

Besides running the two abandoned cats to Portland today, I took two more apartment complex cats to Salem to be fixed.  Both boys.  A black tux and a black on white.  I had trapped another, a seventh, but she was one fixed last summer.
This is Booboo, a little female I originally trapped last summer to be fixed.  Now she's here again, this time to save her life.

Patches, a black on white male fixed yesterday from the complex.

Whitemouth, who looks so much like Booboo, a male, fixed yesterday, from the complex.

Jazz, a small skinny black kitty (a pregnant female, labeled "senior" at the FCCO clinic) I drop trapped last night at the complex.
 I drop trapped an eighth tonight, a little black one I've seen running around.  I used my old drop trap.  Is so much better than the one I bought with Christmas money.  The online store bought one is made from stiff wire.  The springs that hold the top on catch on everything and sometimes fall off.

Sure, it folds up, but the transfer door is on the side, so it requires more space, and the cats aren't as leery of my old falling apart wood and black netting drop trap that is now zip tied together since its seen years of high usage.  So I used it and caught the little black one.  I would have caught the preggie with it, but I slipped up when yanking the cord.  Too tired, caught my arm, so there was a hesitation, a couple seconds.  She heard the movement and bolted and I came home after missing on her.  I needed to come home.

What will be will be.  The manager there hasn't called me back or returned calls since I started trapping.  He wanted it done, but I wanted him to keep that end apartment under control nights but apparently that isn't a priority.  I will just send a request for a donation to the owner, appealing to right and wrong.

Fat chance that will work, eh?

So far, I've caught 8.  There are at least two black tuxes still there, one of them very pregnant.  As far as I can tell, there is not one person in that complex who gives a shit.  They want the cats helped as long as someone else does the helping.  That young man who is up all night, doesn't work, had the gall to ask if he could have the gray tux kitten I trapped.  I wanted to slug the lazy ass twenty something.  For gosh sakes, if he wanted that kitten, he would have to be the one sitting out there all night catching it.  That made me laugh. What a little bitch, man.  Somebody pampered him too much.

Well, maybe one day I'll catch them all and sleep for days and smile again.

I might be down to two, there's that, but the one is pregnant.  I have nowhere for the rest of the cats to go, from these apartments, not even the four in my garage, let alone the two left out there (or more).

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