Sunday, March 24, 2013


I came down with something, suddenly Friday evening, right after returning from the FCCO clinic.  My stomach was tied in knots, felt like, and extremely painful.  I was experiencing chills and body aches.

I was very fatigued.  I laid down, in my clothes, was just going to rest, but then did not wake up for nine hours.  I thought I was better, but I wasn't.  Diarrhea.  Chills.  Aches.  I somehow managed to return the cats yesterday, the 8 from the Lebanon colony and Mr. Bluster, from the old woman's colony.  Came home then, and the chills overtook me once again.

I had the thermostat on 70 and still was freezing.  I slept with one of those heat frisbees I have here for sick cats.  Felt good!

I ate something foul, I guess.  Or have Norovirus, which is going around.  But it can also be spread through food.  One of those things.

Today I'm slightly better, thank goodness.

I haven't eaten since before noon Friday when I had a sandwich from a Subway in the Portland area.  Suppose I'll be Subway paranoid now.

No fun to be sick.

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