Sunday, March 24, 2013

Solo's Vet Bill---Please Help!

Solo's vet bill is due.  I just got an e-mail sent around by a friend up in Portland of Odd Cat Out, the sanctuary run by Poppa Inc's president who took her in awhile back.

Solo is from Albany.  I trapped her behind a house next to the 7-11.  She was trying to eat out of the dumpster there. Just a tiny kitten trying to survive on her own. The house people would not help her and wanted her gone from their yard, too.

Keni, the kind hearted, took her in at Odd Cat Out.  But Solo had a congenital defect that had to be repaired.  So it was, but my friend doesn't have the money to pay the large bill.  Others have helped some, leaving about $600 still needing paid off.

If many people could even give just $10 that would help.

Go to Poppa's website to donate for Solo.  Go to the left hand green column and click on make a donation.  Poppa is a 501c3 nonprofit.

Please spread the word!

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