Friday, March 22, 2013

13 More Local Cats Fixed

Since Poppa isn't officially closing until June, I took four more cats to be fixed at Heartland Thursday. They included one more, one of the big roaming males, from the Lebanon colony the old woman feeds.  I call him Mr. Bluster.  At one time, someone owned him, probably took him in as a cute kitten, then just forgot him, as he became an adult male who roamed and spray marked.  Maybe they even moved and left him like a piece of trash. That's how people are now. They value nothing.

Mr. Bluster!
In the meantime, I had given up on the second young adult she needed caught because the old woman was putting the stick in the trap, through the mesh, to hold the door open, earlier and earlier in the afternoon, making it unlikely we'd catch that second black tux, unless I was up there.

But Thursday, just after I got back from Heartland, she calls, to say, "We got her.  By accident!"  She'd not properly inserted the stick the afternoon before, so the trap couldn't spring.  So the trap could spring, and had food in it, and by accident or fate, the right cat went in and caught herself.  She was fixed yesterday at the woman's own vet clinic in Lebanon.
Fluffy, black tux female, fixed Thursday.
The other three cats fixed Thursday at Heartland were three kittens from an Albany house.  Their mom is very pregnant again.  They didn't want her fixed, even though they already have too many.  I was also supposed to take a different adult female to be fixed from this house, but they didn't have the cats ready and she fled into the fireplace up and over the insert into the wall.  I was frustrated.  They had this chance, and blew it for her.

Black female kitten fixed Thursday, from Albany.

Black and white male kitten fixed Thursday.

Black male kitten fixed Thursday.
I'd also received a call from Slurpy's colony caretaker, outside of Lebanon, concerned about a black cat with a possible broken leg.  So I went out there last night with my drop trap, after dropping off the short hair black tux female from the old woman's colony, who had recuperated here.

I drop trapped 8 unfixed cats in all and saw at least four other unfixed cats.  I had taken only five traps and one carrier, thinking I would just trap the bad leg cat, but it was a good thing I did.  After I ran out of traps, I began transferring cats to the one carrier I had and another they had, then doubled up two cats in one trap.  I'd already asked the FCCO, if I caught any, could I bring them up and they had agreed to it.  All 8, including the bad leg male, whom they say has a healing wound, were fixed today.  Three males and five girls, one of whom was pregnant.  All had severe ear mites.  Will add photos soon.
DLH black female with bad right eye, fixed today at the FCCO.

DLH Chocolate Pt. Siamese female fixed today.

The Siamese girl again.

DMH brown tabby female fixed today.

The brown tabby girl again.

Another black female fixed today.

Small gray long hair female fixed today.

Huge black long hair male with front leg wound, healing, fixed today.

Huge brown tabby male long hair fixed today.

Big Lynx point Siamese male fixed today.

Lynx Pt. male again.

Getting all kinds of calls from people wanting me to remove or take cats.  I tell them no.  I can't take in every unwanted cat.  Why don't other people get involved?  Why do people let their cats breed or feed unfixed cats, then wait til the problem is bad, for the cats, then cry and whine that nobody will help them, like little helpless babies in diapers?

If an 82 year old woman, with memory issues, can get a handle on it in her Lebanon neighborhood, so can everybody else.

I'm a private citizen, just like all the people calling me wanting me to take their cats, feral and tame.  A private citizen only poorer than many other private citizens.  If you have a heart in this world, it will be exploited by the vampire crowd, out to suck your warm living blood.  Most people these days seem convinced of their own helplessness too, which is pathetic.  Or maybe they are just lazy.

Hey people, you can do it.  Read up.  Get informed on the options.  Decide on a plan and implement.  You can do it.  Really, you can.

I got some shoes today, while up at the clinic.  My shoes, that I've been wearing everyday for too long, fell apart.  The rubber sole was worn through, so I could feel every bump.  Parts of what was left of the rubber sole, had detached, and would trip me when they caught as I walked.  I couldn't take it anymore and went to Fred Meyer.  I tried on dozens of shoes.  Only one pair in the entire store fit well enough to buy and they don't fit great.  They're light colored too which is bad.  They'll soon be stained brown from dirt. I wear shoes hard, and they get dirty.  I have one pair now, that someone sent me, that I save for nice occasions.  Soon, I hope, if the weather turns, I can switch back to sandals or thongs.  That will save my shoes.

 I took off the old shoes once back in the car and tossed them in a trash can.  They had foot measuring device there in the store.  For the hell of it, I measured my feet.   Size 11 right foot, 2A (in width).  But if you leave a half inch toe room, means size 11 1/2.  Left foot, size 10 1/2, width, 2A.

 It's not easy to find long super narrow shoes and I have a high arch to boot.  You need born rich with such feet.  And the bad part is, most brands now don't adher to actual size guidelines. I might fit into a 10 in one shoe brand while in another I prrobably take an 11 1/2.  Most women's shoes are too wide for me, not to mention too short.  And all men's shoes are too wide for me.

After dozing in my car for awhile, along a curb, it was finally time to go back to get the cats.  There is a volunteer there who has been out of work now for years and is now extremely poor.  She's about my age.  She immediately noticed my new shoes and mentioned them.  I felt terrible because her shoes also are broken down and bad but she's not got the money to get another pair.  I had the money because I got a gas reimbursement for $15 per trip, for transporting cats, from Poppa.  It covered the last six months.  So I got the shoes.  I am fortunate.

There are so many people struggling.

The old man next door doesn't live on much either and his house is falling apart around him.  Oh well.  There's nothing he can do about it, physically or financially.  He drinks a lot.  He gave me three bags of beer cans last week and I got $11.45 returning them!  He's going to give me more bags of beer cans tomorrow!  I'm also taking my empty cat food cans to the metal recycler to sell now.  I don't get much but I get more than if I put them in the recycling bin!

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