Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cat Catching

I got asked to help an old woman catch some cats in Lebanon.  She got five strays fixed herself some time ago, but had two more, in their late teens, show up.  They're black tuxes.

They were bringing in males, four at least I saw.  So far I just caught one of the two teens, the girl, very recently impregnated.  And I caught one of the big boys.  There are at least three other big boys coming in.  It isn't so easy to catch cats selectively amongst a lot of fixed cats.  And you can't see out back where she feeds to see if the trap is sprung or not.  Makes it harder.

The neighbors claim there are three teenagers, two with long hair.  She took the short hair girl I caught to her vet to be fixed.  I brought her home last night to recuperate.  Weather has turned nasty with downpours and wind.

One of the cats she got fixed is a black tux too.

This is Button, a big female and she's already fixed I'm told.
This is the teen girl fixed yesterday.
I was trying to take photos to tell who is who, but it was almost dark and I had to take them on maximum zoom and my camera batteries were nearly dead.  This is the long hair I know isn't fixed yet.
It was almost dark two nights ago, when I saw this one, and took its photo.  I can't tell if its the short hair female I caught the same night, later, or not.  Looks longer hair, with more of a white mane, but it's so hard to tell.  Too far away, photo too distorted from darkness and from trying to hold the camera steady at maximum zoom.

Same cat again.

And again.
To me, it looks like a different cat than the short hair girl fixed yesterday.

She feeds this male, who is missing part of one rear paw.  He lives across the street and is already neutered she says.
She feeds this apparently abandoned super tame neutered male too.
This is Tomtom, one of the five strays she originally paid to get fixed.  The other four are Buttons, the black tux female in the first photo, Mama Ivy, a mackeral tabby female, Nightnight, a black female and a torti, whose name I've forgotten.
This kitten peered at me from a neighboring junked out property.  Has a collar but you never know in this area, if a cat with a collar is owned or just left behind.  Probably not fixed either.
I caught a huge long hair orange and white male, who hisses and growls at me if I even look at him.  There is a short hair orange male who also comes through, a short hair brown tabby, with huge balls and a medium hair brown tabby tux male.  I'd love to get all three of those males caught too.

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