Sunday, February 24, 2013

What an Idiot

I'm a stubborn idiot.  I'm still trying to catch the rest of those darn apartment  cats.

How many more, besides the four I caught already, have I caught?

One.  That's right.  One.

The big male.

Spay day competitions end of month have their downside.  No space for spays or neuters to be found.

I hate holding a stinky unfixed male.

I'm wearing myself down and out and quirky, trying to catch these cats.  I operate through a haze of stubborn idiocrisy now.  Damn it I'm going to save all those cats.  And die doing so.  I got nothing left going for me anyhow.  My spay neuter days are pretty much over, and that's killing me because I see unfixed cats roaming everywhere and I just want to jump out of my car, chase them down and tackle them.  "Sorry about this, buddy, but you're not fixed and you have to be fixed."  Gimp foot.  Old age.  And chasing down, tackling cats.  Ok.  Sure.

I'm going to try to get the complex to make a donation for doing all this for them.  I want the donation to go to my friend, who is taking the cats from the complex on.  She usually tries to get $100 per cat take in fee, as she will care for them the rest of their lives.  Helps offset the costs of food, flea treatment, etc.  I bought over $100 in cat food, paper towels and cleaning supplies when I took up the first four, to do something for her, minus the intake fee.  It's not cheap to take on cats for life.  I need to raise that fee somehow for her.  Otherwise, its' just not fair to her.  Not that anything is fair.

The group originally taking them had a deadline that passed, for a home they had lined up.  I could not catch them all and get them fixed by the time they had to have them.  I could have, if the feeder tenant had done her part, but that didn't happen.  Again.

If anyone reading this would be able to make a donation to her for taking these Albany apartment complex cats, let me know, via comments, and I will send you her contact info.

I was too tired today to get the tame abandoned brown tabby female or the tame neutered huge Siamese, with no apparent owner either, to KATA.  I couldn't even get it together to get them out of the cages they are currently occupying in my garage.

The brown tabby girl is afraid she's going to be left alone again, abandoned.  She is highly attached to her soft bed, like it too will be taken from her and she'll have to sleep in a cardboard box, which was where she was sleeping, in the carport of the rental where she once lived with her people, after they left her.   I believe the Siamese likely lived there too.  Sort of lived there because they were assholes and probably barely noticed they were alive and not stuffed animals.

Anyhow, the Siamese big boy was rolling around while I petted him.  Then I touched him along his back and he charged at me, growling.  He didn't strike at me though.  I think he is constipated.  Constipation will do that to you, make you cranky.  If you don't know that already, you're not old enough yet, but you will learn that.

He's big enough to do serious damage, however.  So I didn't push it and left him alone and got  him high, on some catweed.  Why not?

In the end, I told the KATA woman waiting for both, could we wait til Monday?  She's going to be gone tomorrow.  She was easy and said "sure".  I thought I'd sleep and I did some, on my couch, using a cell phone alarm clock to wake up and go check the darn trap.

I thought I'd found people over there to check it but I really had not.  I found that out when they never called when the trap was sprung.  First it was Fred, the tame fixed Lynx Point in it, then it was the big unfixed colony male they call Patches over there.

I went around on the streets behind the complex trying to see if maybe that tame Siamese really has an owner.  Almost no one would open their door to talk to me.  I don't blame them.  But I got pointed this way and that, to houses with cats and told who hated cats.  I was told there was a Siamese seen routinely on the corner.  Before I got there, a woman said her neighbors had a pregnant female and another unfixed cat, and she urged me to talk to them, maybe help get them fixed.  But when a young man answered the door, he said they had no unfixed cats.  I knew he was lying.  I'd been told by three different neighbors they always have cats there having kittens.

Can't force people.  Wish I could.  Because it's ridiculous to let cats have kittens these days.  Both local shelters are full now and kitten season hasn't even begun.  Only selfish people let their cats have kittens.  Cat haters really.

So I found the animal lover house for sure.  She thought the Siamese might be the stray she feeds so she followed me home to see.  But he's not.  And when we went back to her house there he was and he immediately walked up and spray marked my car.  My grill no less.

He has huge dark chocolate balls.  She said she will try to get him fixed this week.  She also feeds an orange male and I don't think he is fixed either.  A black small male, with huge balls and a collar, was trying to pick a fight with the huge Siamese and that would not go down well for that little black cat.  She didn't know who owned him, the house across the street she thought.

Within twenty minutes, I had discovered five more unfixed cats, in two blocks.  That's Albany for you.  It was depressing because every block here is like that.  Totally wiped the smile from my face. I'm lying.  I wasn't smiling to begin with.  Nobody knew the Siamese boy I trapped at the complex, who is neutered and tame, except for when you touch him near the back end.

I wish had so much money, millions.  No, trillions.  I'd get every fricking cat in Oregon fixed and pay off some legislators so they'd pass a spay and neuter your cats and dogs by four months of age bill.  And a ban breeders from Oregon bill.  That's right.  Exile them. Run them clean across the border.  We don't want them here.  Get out.  You're causing problems for everyone and suffering for the cats and dogs.  Go on, leave!

I generally don't support adding more laws to the books, but what the hell.  May as well.  They're not enforced but may as well.  Who could ever remember all the laws we have now?  Not me.  I probably broke a few today even and didn't know.

Speaking of strange things with laws, there's a red light camera intersection in Albany.  I'd never seen those camera lights flash before.  I was sitting at the red light, left lane, after checking the trap, and suddenly there are flashes, two of them, very bright.  I think it must be lightning, since it's been stormy and look around.  Then I realize it must be those red light cameras flashing.  But, the strange thing was, I didn't see any cars running a light.  The light had been red many seconds, going the direction I was facing and traffic was going through on the green the other way.  So what the hell?  Who is going to get a ticket from that for not doing anything, I thought to myself.  Then I get home and thnk what if they send me a ticket and I was just sitting there, still as a street sign.  Now that would be outraging.  They can't be that corrupt, can they, that lousy, those red light cameras.  Someone told me they just fire every now and then, to reset themselves. Yeah right.  I don't buy that.

My cars filthy.  I'm dirty too.  I'm beginning to feel like total white trash and discredited by the flap with the city official.

I feel like a mighty eagle is soaring over me somewhere and I'm a little mouse and that eagle is on the hunt for me.

That's what I get, paranoid, when I defy someone with power.

It's like my favorite cartoon ever.  Totally.  Big huge eagle is swooping in, talons out front, towards a mouse. That mouse is going to die.  That mouse is going to be eagle supper.  So how is that mouse reacting?  Is the mouse cowering?  Hell no.  The mouse has its middle finger extended straight up at the eagle.  The mouse is flipping off the eagle!   The cartoon is entitled "The Last Great Act of Defiance."

The Last Great Act of Defiance.  What will mine be?  What will be yours?

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