Friday, February 22, 2013

Frustration, Exhuastion. Seven Albany Cats Fixed Today.

I've been trying to catch the last cats at the complex.  Four left.  A rowdy group of night owl tenants, between six and eight of them, to one apartment, are making it hard.  In and out, all night long, they are.  By fours, by two's, by six's.  They leave four to one car, come back in two cars, 15 minutes later.  Nice cars.  Leave again in 20, come back in 15.  Over and over and over again.  They are fairly polite, but last night, mocked me, and would move towards the cats, to scare them.  It was very difficult.  I got into it with them after hours, and this the third night of this sort of thing.  The constant partiers, I call them.

I took four of them to Portland today.  The three not yet fixed got fixed.  I took the other to a barn home.  I stayed a couple hours to do some work there.  I bought supplies since she's doing me a favor on my credit card, because it was what I needed to do, to make it right by her taking them.  Fuck Albany. Oh my.  Swearing.  I do that more when having menopausal symptoms for some unknown reason.  At least the hot flashes helped keep me warm last night out trapping, all huddled up in my car.  I kind of ignore cold or wet.  Born in Oregon, I was.  Being wet doesn't get to me. I have never owned an umbrella.
This black tux from the complex was fixed today.  I don't know its sex for sure but looks male to me.  He or she is not returning to Albany.

This black tux kitten was also fixed today.  They sure are hard to tell apart.

Suzy, another black tux from the complex, was fixed the 10th and is now in a barn, soon to be joined by the other three.

This little gray tux kitten is the anomaly there.  The rest are black tux, except for one big male, not yet fixed, who is mostly white with some black.

I told her we should bill Albany.

I'd taken four other Albany cats to Heartland last night since I'd be gone this morning and have no helpers to transport.  Some woman called, said she had four.  Then it was five.  Then it was innumerable cats.   After I took the first four, she called me over and over, for no real reason.
Adult gray male from Albany fixed today at Heartland.

Gray male kitten fixed today at Heartland from Albany.  There were two all gray male kittens, an adult gray male and an adult gray female.

They are back home now.  Three boys and a girl, with many more there needing fixed.

I picked up a cat at the complex next to the one with the doomed ferals.  She got left behind, along with two others, when her owner moved out.  This poor girls woman also left behind two other cats when she moved, I was told, by someone who knows her, from a complex on the other side of the doomed ferals complex.  Her name is Sherrie and you never ever want to adopt to anybody in this area named Sherrie in case its her.  Spelling could be wrong.  She leaves them behind like trash.  This poor female was so starved, she'd been eating paper, then she'd vomit it up, like a hairball.  I was told one of the other two is a Siamese but I don't know what the third looks like.

She was scratching at the screen door of the rental where she'd lived before Sherrie left her behind.

I can't understand such people and I don't want to.  I can't understand partying all night every night and harassing someone trying to save the last four unwanteds, for fun, at the place next door either.  I feel like I must be living in hell.

KATA is taking the poor abandoned girl kitty who coughed up paper she ate to stave off her hunger.

Sherrie, you out there?  You belong behind bars.  You so belong behind bars.

So does druggie Ginger, who left behind the cats at the nursery.  You people shouldn't touch an animal and you need to get spayed and neutered yourselves so you don't fuck up kids too.

I am exhausted. Guess my attitude's bad tonight. Tired of trying to trap when there's no way to catch cats with the drug zombies doing their zombie thing all night there.

 I wanted so badly to save them.

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