Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tilly NoTail Black (TNT) is Tame. Home Wanted!

UPDATE:  Tilly Notail Black went directly from surgery at Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis, to remove what was left of her tail, a skinned section about six inches long, to a grand new life and home with a friend of mine who lives near Corvallis.  Heartland was so good to that little girl, doing that surgery, providing pain meds and antibiotics afterwards, it is heart warming to think about it now.  Tilly has her home!  Also, three more Albany cats were fixed today, two girls, a long hair calico, Nala, with a severe heart murmur, and a chubby brown tabby teen, plus a big boy, Leo.  I did not get photos this time.  Forgot my camera.  And, as an added wonder, to my life, the two calicos are leaving also, to be taken in for adoption by West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue of Eugene.

Tilly Notail Black, the newly minted manx, wants a nice cozy home.  Her skinned bloody tail is being amputated today.

I was putting food in the rabbit hutch, where I've had her housed since retrapping her in S. Salem a couple days ago, and she head bumped the food plate.

I thought, "Hmmm.  I think she wants her chin scratched."

So I put down the food plate, reached in, and started scratching her chin, then her ears.  She shifted into it, flopping on her side.  The purring began.

Tilly Notail, whom I trapped a few months ago, in a large colony carelessly bred by irresponsible humans, who then left them all behind, is tame!

This sweetie is not going back there.  No way Jose!

I'm going to need helping finding her a  great home.  Spread the word!!!

Tilly NoTail is sleek gorgeous and today, she loses that bloody hanging stump, what's left of her tail.  Three or four inches of her tail already dropped off.

This was her back when I trapped her to be fixed at the FCCO.
I'll get a really nice photo of her after she gets home tonight.  Temp home, ok, not permanent here.  I have too many.  She needs a real home, where she can get all the attention she wants.  There is one out there for her.

Marketing issue alert.  Let's find her some good people!

I'm not so great with adoptions.  I haven't had an adoption since last fall.

So I need help to help Tilly NoTail Black!

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