Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dangers of Life

I trapped a Salem colony a few months ago.  Shortly thereafter the couple and their kin moved out and left every cat.  19 of them.  It was the daughter of the elderly neighbors who had asked me to get them fixed, since the woman who was allowing them to breed would do nothing.  The woman even was a no show at spay appointments set up and prepaid for by the neighbors daughter.  How's that for abhorrent behavior?

Now the old couple is left caring for them.  One of them, a young female when I got her fixed, lost part of her tail recently and most of what is left of the tail is skinned.  This could have happened if her tail was run over.  It could have happened if she was seeking warmth inside an engine compartment and the car was started.  She could have been grabbed by a dog as she was running away too.  Today I drop trapped her and Thursday, she will either have her tail stump amputated or she will be euthanized, at Heartland.  

Life is full of dangers.   Especially when you're born unwanted.  And born because some asshole junkie didn't see the need to fix any of her cats and left them all behind when she moved.   There are plenty of heartless assholes out there.  Many of them are on drugs and just no longer have any use for their brains.  They are the walking dead among us, zombies, bodies and minds no longer theirs but taken over, by a drug.  They serve only the drug now.

Am I in a mood?  I am in a mood all right.  I zombify drug addicts because they end up treating animals and kids badly.  They reproduce and bring up their kids in angry hovels of trash and the kids have to take care of their own parents when they're "sick".  The kids, seeing no other way, end up just like them.  It's all they know.  Then they have kids.  On it goes.  Seems no way out of the cycle.

But is the other side any better, slaves to money, making more and more, sacrificing family and any real values other than working to get more.  Is that any better?  There must be an inbetween, where happiness lies, where the pressure to be the American dream, to work harder and harder, is laughed about, mostly, and people buy what they need and no more. And are not such slaves to working for somebody else.  Is there that?

She looked like this when I got her fixed, not that long ago.

And now what is left of her tail looks like this.

And this. 
 I've begun to think those who break all rules in this life are rewarded most.  From lying cheating big banks and businesses, like those three big credit rating companies, in the latest sleaze scandal, who have been operating above the law for who knows how long and we, the little people, are at their mercy.   On the ground and in the trenches, little people are called to task for the tiniest of infractions, while the movers and shakers do what they like.  The poor are blamed and tweaked and pecked at more.

A grand illusion.

This little girl's suffering will end, one way or the other, on Thursday.  Because there still are people out there who give a shit, that a little life is having a really rough time of it out there in the big and dangerous world.  The old couple feeding these unwanteds, the discardeds, both have health issues.  Their daughter, who masterminded getting them fixed and this little girl retrapped came all the way from Portland to make sure it happened. Her foot was just operated on.  She's hobbled.  She and her husband are suffering from a business deal gone bad, someone took them for all they had, and vanished.  Despite all that, she rose above, as I rose above to go help, all my issues and stress of late.

See, some of us do that, despite it all.

Despite getting crushed like bugs all the time.  We unflatten off the pavement, like cartoon characters, to rise again and go help a little stray cat.  Despite all our hardships and issues and boy we got plenty of issues.

Assholes of the world, large and small, take note.  We're stronger than you could ever imagine.

We, the little people with the warm hearts.

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