Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Poppa's President Has Cats Who Want Homes--Odd Cat Out, a New Venture for Her

Poppa Inc's president has long taken in cats without options.  After Poppa's spay neuter mission closes first of next summer, she will maintain the nonprofit to help her keep up with the cats she has taken in, many from the mid valley, and to find the adoptable ones homes.

I am listing some of the adoptable ones for her now on my petfinder site under Odd Cat Out, the name of what will become the active division of Poppa Inc.  She needs help right now, finding cats homes and with food and litter.

If you want to sponsor a cat, donating so much a month for a specific cat, let me know and I'll hook you up with her.  She needs sponsors badly.

So, here are just a handful of the cats there now seeking homes!  Please spread the word.  She has done so much to help animals and people.

Contessa is a young Himilayan tripod (three legs).  She was born in a barn with the umbilical cord wrapped around one leg.  Her owners cut off her foot with a pen knife.  After being rescued, her leg was properly amputated.  She was rescued with two of her daughters, who look just like her.  All are lucky to be alive.  If you are interested in adopting Contessa, or any of the cats I am listing in this post, go to my my petfinder site for more information and how to contact Keni.  Click here!

Opal and Pearl are Contessa's two daughters.  They too need a home and the two girls need to go together.

Contessa, the mother, with only three legs, is there on the left.
This is Simon.  He wants a home too.  He's big, fat, super friendly, and FIV positive.  Spread the word!
This is Sassie.  She is a clown.  She is acrobatic, does flips, and even back flips and adores people.  this is one cool girl.  She needs a home.  Again, she's on my petfinder site, listed under Odd Cat Out. 

Primadonna ANGEL!!!  She's about ten years old, loves people, but doesn't love other cats as much, although she would probably do just fine with just a couple other cats.  All the cats at Odd Cat Out come from very cruel or cold situations.  By cold I mean people just wanting them gone, even when they've had the cat all their lives.  People that do things like never fix their cats and then cut off feet with a pen knife.  Keni has a kind huge heart and helps these cats out in their time of horrible need.  Let's help Angel find a home. Or a sponsor!

I'll keep adding cats, or reposting, in the hopes of helping out a long time friend.  She needs homes for the adoptable kitties entering her care, so she can help out others.  She needs sponsors, so she can continue to feed and care for them.  If you can adopt or sponsor, contact me!!!

Spread the word!

She is caring for many mid valley cats at Odd Cat Out, almost alone, bearing the costs almost alone, which is not right.  The costs to society, taxpayers, and people who care, of bearing the burdens caused by the irresponsible behavior of others towards companion animals, are extreme.

Of course the costs should somehow be shifted right onto the backs of those who cause the problem by not fixing their pets.  Instead, those with hearts bear the cost.  So backwards!

Give her a hand, if you can.  Would make me happy.

She just took the three Corvallis homeless camp cats---Bobby, Trucker and Princess, because the other group, who had said they would take them, became overburdened between the short time they offered, before I trapped them, and the next day, when I trapped them.  I would love to find Keni a sponsor for those three, at $20 per month.

She also is caring for Isis and Ava from the Lebanon Bone Pile Colony.  Fat chance those peope give a shit about the costs they burdened onto others.  They wouldn't evne help catch their own cats.

She is caring for Twister, and has for years.  He was an FIV positive long hair orange male from Clover Ridge road here in Albany.

She is caring for the wonderful and kind Big Ben, an FIV positive loving huge kitty from Adair Village, where I swear every free roaming unfixed male is FIV positive, so rank are residents there at fixing their males.

She also has Trudy, a sweet brown tabby tux, left behind by young homeless campers in Corvallis.

She has two black males from another awful colony in Corvallis where an old woman feeds, but refuses to help fix the cats, although many have tried to get around her to get it done.

My friend has a huge heart.  So many just turn away, selfish and blind, and leave the caring for others, whom they will even make fun of for caring.  "Someone else will do it, will care." they say to themselves or their kids.  "We can't get involved."  Hell yes you can.

If everyone would, there would be no problem and no people struggling, as I do, and as Keni does, under the burden of a warm heart.

When will kindness and saving instead of killing be rewarded?

When will these values be considered normal?


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