Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Reeses at Lisas

Reeses is the calico fixed at S/nipped last Saturday.  I kept her here after surgery.  I felt sorry for her.  She was living in a Lebanon apartment but wasn't owned there.  Her owner took off to Sweet Home, homeless, as the Lebanon woman could no longer support her also.  She was supposed to take Reeses with her but she didn't.  So the homelesss owner wanted her to be fixed but also asked I try to find her someplace to go.

Locally, Safehaven told me, despite having cleared their shelter recently, adopting out I think about 40 animals for free, they still had space issues and couldn't take Reeses.  Nobody could.

However, an online friend of mine said she would foster her.  Then she found a rescue group where she lives who can eventually help find her a home.  So off I went with Reeses to Lisas.   She's an adaptable kitty, very loving and fun, likes to play, so she settled in quickly in Lisas RV.  Of course I hope Lisa falls in love with her and keeps her.  But if not, the rescue group will find her a great home I'm sure.  Better than having no home!

Also, I had trapped three cats at the Corvallis homeless camp.  The camps got razed by the city of Corvallis and I had not known that.  I went in Christmas day to take the campers cat food, as I have for years, when I can scrounge the money, since getting 52 cats fixed there, on four occasions.

I was shocked to see the campers former belongings piled in big heaps for removal.  And scared for the cats.  I saw three, and fed them and left as much food as I had carried in.

I could barely sleep that night, to think of them all on their own now.  I got an offer from a group just south of Portland.  They said they could take three or four, but no more.  So I went the next night and trapped four, but one was still owned.  Yup, one homeless guy, once evicted, merelhy moved a few hundred feet.  But the primary cat feeders were gone.  Old Pete's cat, Biker, was there, with him.  I can't take Biker from old Pete.  He's all Pete has.  It was sad to to see that old man sitting there, already drunk, cross legged, in a cold tent on a cold night, amidst mounds of trash and waste of his own making.  I said, "Pete, time to get out of this lifestyle yourself, domesticate in your old age."  He muttered a response but nothing more.  I left him cat food for those left.  I trapped Bobby, whom I got fixed in 2009.  I trapped Princess, whom I first met also in 2009, and the shock of shockers---I trapped Trucker, a brown tabby tux male I first trapped for fixing back in November of 2007 and had not seen since.  Can you believe that?

So those three are leaving tomorrow.  At least they get off the streets.  I don't have anywhere for the rest left out there right now.  I wish I did have somewhere for them.  I left more food and more food for Old Pete, who will probably just ruin it, leave it in the rain, or forget its there.  I wish he'd call it good, and take the offers of homeless advocates and get inside and off the booze.  Bet he won't.  But you never know.

The cats have no choice.  They get hauled in by campers, then left when the campers are run out by the city. After the complainers complain.  There are always lots of those types.

The cats have no choice.  I've kept them fed, via supplying the homeless, for years now.  Years.  And I live on nothing too.  So what are you doing to make things better?

Trucker, on the left, Bobby, the gray tux bobtail, on the right, in my garage.  White female in the carrier.

Bobby, taken in the camps in 2010, when I was taking the campers cat food.

Trucker, back in 2007, when trapped for neuter.  It's been five years since I've seen him.

Princess, back in 2009, when I trapped her for spay.

So tomorrow at least these three go elsewhere, start new lives, will be fed for the remainder of their days and live in a far cleaner environment than where they have been living, thrashed and trashed by a human colony.

If you can step out of your human soul, for a moment even, way out, look down at the earth with the eyes of another species looking in.  You wouldn't be drawn to the destruction of cat colonies.  You'd immediately focus on humans and the devastation and destruction caused by human colonies and unchecked human breeding, prolification and the stresses caused by fighting over scarce resources.  It is ridiculous given the obvious that some people spend their days raging about cats in their neighborhoods.

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