Saturday, January 05, 2013

19 Local Cats Fixed. My Foot Needs Fixed!

Yesterday, I took 19 local cats to be fixed at the Portland FCCO.   13 come from Brownsville.  6 come from Lacomb.

While up in Portland, I busied myself trying to find clothing, like jeans, at Value Village, to replace my worn outs.  So far I've replaced one pair of thread bare hole filled jeans with a cheap pair bought on sale at Kmart for $10.  How can you beat $10?

How about $2.99?  For a used pair at Value Village.  I got one pair that sort of fit for that price yesterday.

I also went walking in a bird refuge, in bad shoes, that have a strange slope at the outside edge on the inside. I meant to throw these out months ago, but because they have no laces are easy in, easy out, for the last two weeks, I've been wearing them.  By days end, yesterday, I realized, wearing bad shoes, combined with two long days and an hours long walk, had destroyed my foot.  I could barely walk last night, nor this morning.

The Lacomb woman had picked up her 6 cats, but I overnighted the 13 starving worm infested Brownsville cats here.  I still have to return them, painful foot or not.

So off I go now, wearing thongs in 32 degree weather.

I've been trying to find more cat food to take down to give that woman to feed them.  Worming them all is going to help them gain some weight alone, and eat less.  She claims she feeds them a lot but is having hard times, like so many people now.  I vowed to dig up any I could find to take her.

Adult female fixed yesterday from Brownsville.

Young male fixed yesterday, from Brownsville.

Female teen fixed yesterday.

Long hair black tux young male fixed yesterday.

Long hair white and black young male fixed yesterday.
Black tux nose striped young male fixed yesterday.

Young torti fixed yesterday.

Another adult black and white female, spayed yesterday.

White female, very small for age, fixed yesterday.

Adult older female fixed yesterday.

Big orange tabby male fixed yesterday.
Cleo, an adult calico also fixed Friday.

Tiny, extremely tiny young black tux male fixed yesterday.  Allegedly seven months old, looks two months.  

 The cats had terrible worm infestations.  I wormed them all here, for both round and tape, at my expense, and watched the worms die, coming out, both types, in their poop.  They should feel better and fatten up some soon.
Two of the tamer cats had sustained severe rear spinal cord and tail injuries before I was involved.  Shattered pelvises.  One of the two chewed off his tail.  The woman, lacking resources, euthanized the one male, who chewed off his own tail and had been only able to drag his hind legs, by putting him in a carrier, tying a rope to it, and putting it in the river.  She was going to do the same to the injured female, but I took her, and Heartland euthanized her.    I don't know how they got such horrific injuries, two of them. The only two possibilities are blunt force trauma (baseball bat, kicking, being kicked or stepped on by cows or horses etc) or being run over, most likely scenario being after taking refuge in a motor compartment for warmth, jumping down and getting crushed trying to get off the engine when the car is started and taking off.

At least this little girl didn't die in a cold river.

I live in a county with zero services for cats.  None.  There's one private no kill shelter but they seem to rarely take in cats.  Heartland Humane is in the adjoining county, subsidized by that county's citizens but not by our county's citizens.  However, Heartland told me to tell these folks, who live in the farthest reaches of Linn County, that they could bring any injured animals there to be euthanized for nothing.  People in this county are poor, and haven' t the money to take a badly injured cat to a vet to be euthanized.  That little male was in such pain he chewed off his own dead tail and could only drag himself.  He needed out of his misery and she did what she could think of to get him out of his pain.

I did return the 13 cats to the caretakers an hour ago now.  I took them quite a lot of cat food I scrounged, both wet and dry, and some donated by the FCCO.  I had quickly made two cats houses from two plastic storage containers.  I cut only one hole in the lid, duct taped silver reflective insulation on the inside, and put bedding inside.  I have no straw currently.

The 13 cats were six boys and seven girls.  Every cat there is now fixed.

The six from Lacomb were picked up by their caretaker last night.  They were two boys and four girls.  Five were teens, then one big male.  She hopes to catch the rest and still has five of my traps and two carriers.  She's super nice.
There were four tabby teens, one boy, three girls, then two black long hairs, a little teen black long hair girl and the big male.

The only adult trapped in the Lacomb six, a big black long hair male.

Black long hair female teen.

The rest were all tabbies.
This is where I went, to the Tualitin River wildlife refuge, for a walk, while the 19 cats were being fixed.  I know Tigard better than most other areas around Portland and I wanted to go to Winco and to Value Village.  Tigard has both.  After getting the cheap jeans at Value Village, and some groceries at Winco, I went out to the wildlife refuge to eat lunch and take a walk (and ruin my foot).

(all three such labeled spaces were empty)

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