Friday, November 09, 2012

Photos Galore!

The water heater has not been giving up much hot water lately.  So I embarked upon a DIY fix it project.  Decided against replacing elements, as the water heater is a 1994 model and I doubt I could even find replacement elements.

So I decided just to flush the thing out good.  So I did, over and over, filling partially draining, etc. etc.

Half through flushing the thing,  I checked the water coming out of it (on the right) against clean water (on the left).  Was still mud puddle color and very unappetizing, to think I have been bathing in it and sometimes drinking that yuk!

Zeva, a cat I got fixed, but who lives on the next block, likes to hang out on the cat yard fence.

Fence Walker!

Albany female kitten fixed yesterday at Heartland.

Lebanon adult female who was fixed yesterday at Heartland along with three of her kittens.  All her kittens were black--one girl and two boys.

One of the three black Lebanon kittens fixed yesterday at Heartland.

I have several tortis here including Tugs.

And Starry!

Starry again!
Calamity, sleeping here in my trap bed, is a muted torti.

And Poppy, yet another torti here!

Miss Daisy likes her comforter.  Miss Daisy is one of my two Muted Calicos.  Some people call them Dilute Calicos.
Miss Daisy had to be the first to try out my new litter box, filled with non absorbable litter (rubber mulch).  Beneath the litter box, is a funnel, inserted into an oil collection tank.  Only it's not oil its collecting!

Sunrise yesterday!

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