Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Cats More Cats More of My Cats

Starry, from a N. Albany swamp, with her friend Slurpy, from the Lebanon Save the Kittens Colony, behind her.  Way behind, a sleeping Miss Daisy.

Peeman Sam, originally abandoned, along with over a dozen others, in Millersburg.

The athletic Sam again.

Cougie, one of the Albany business cats, dozing upright.

Comet of Heatherdale.  He's been with me a very long time, ever since my first encounter with Heatherdale trailer park in Albany.  About 16 kittens were in one carport alone.  Comet was one of them, and the only one I did not find a home for before my back completely failed.  In the end, I could not carry traps, or walk, and little kids would carry cats in traps back to my car there.  Have now, over the years since, taken in over 120 cats to be fixed from that Albany trailer park alone.

Poppy!  She's been with me almost seven years now, was born under an apartment complex on 34th street.  I found her mom a home and returned her two sisters, and I don't think they had very good fates, (the ones I returned).

Shaulin, from the Albany Bengal breeder man colony.  The man, an AAAAAA type personality, also highly irresponsible and a scientist, got unfixed bengals, let them breed, intermingle with strays, and breed more and over run the hood, time and time again, without apology.  He would not participate in catching the cats to be fixed.  Have been back three times, and his outrageous and cruel behavior continues. Shaulin once went to a home.  They described themselves as Abbysinnian loving cat whisperers.  Only they wanted me to take her back the very next day.  Back she came and was relieved to be back.

Teddy, from the Corvallis homeless camp.  His sister, Starr, is also here, and so is Honey, from the same camp, where, over a summer, I trapped and got fixed 52 cats from that one camp.  Poppa Inc.'s president came down to help at one point.  I had poison oak all summer from going in and out of there.  Over 35 of the cats and kittens were not returned.

Tugs, originally from the Lebanon Shovel Killer Christian neighbor colony.  An old woman, feeding strays, wrote the Corvallis Gazette Times about being harrassed by neighbors about feeding the strays, and yet more and more people left cats behind when they'd move and what were they to do then.  One neighbor, a Christian, who plays in a Christian band, offered to kill them with a shovel.  I was just going to get them fixed for her, after the GT editor asked if I could help her out, but I took all 12 after meeting the asshole neighbors and the strange strange landlord, who would change her name and tell the tenants to start calling her an entirely different name.  The old woman's water system didn't even work and she'd have to use a bucket to flush the toilet  She has died now.  Tugs and her sister Mums never got homes of those 12.

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