Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Mom and Her Kittens, Spayed Together Today

I routinely call free kitten and cat ads on craigslist and see if they need help getting cats fixed.  I also try to talk the advertisers into letting me get the kittens they are giving away fixed, before they give them away.

That way,  the next generation of cats growing up out there, at least will not be making more cats.  It's the best way to go to prevent more cats, to get the kittens being given away fixed, before they are given away.  They go to the same homes they would have gone too, but they're fixed and often vaccinated already.  It's a great thing for the cats, for the adopters, for communities, rescues and shelters and for the future.  The free kitten market off craigslist is then not a problem next summer, out there reproducing.  And often, the folks giving them away, really are animal lovers and then, when they discover all the programs, all the people and groups working to overcome the problem and the extent of it, become spay neuter obsessives.  Like me!

Today, a Lebanon brown tabby and her three black kittens, two boys and a girl, were fixed.  Then they went back home!  Yahoo!

Another Albany female kitten was also fixed, one of Vendetta's four.  She's back to living in the garage of her original owner, with the four.  Vendetta is now fixed, and now one of her four kittens is fixed.  Heartland's clinic has only so much space, so I couldn't get the other three done today.

So four more Lebanon cats are fixed and another Albany girl kitten.  Yahoo!

There is disappointing news also.  Heartland informed me Blueberry is being returned by the woman who adopted her from them mid October.  She got ringworm and now they don't want her.  They are returning her Sunday and I will pick her up Monday as Heartland doesn't want her there either, with ringworm.

Blueberry has to be rather traumatized from all this.  She was at Heartland about a month before being adopted, then down with the adopter about the same amount of time.   It's really very sad, but she at least has a back up person, who will never turn their back on her---yup, that's me.

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