Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nine Local Cats Fixed Yesterday in Trip to S/nipped

I finally got to do some cat wrangling.  Not so easy to arrange trips now, with gas so high.  I had 15 cats lined up to make the trip, all tame, but people only showed up with nine of them.   I was disappointed but nine more fixed is a big victory once again for mid valley cats.

Durnig the day down at the clinic, I cleaned some of the stuff out of one of their back sheds.  Bags of items stored for another group, for their garage sale, that had never been picked up and by now were getting wet from a roof leak and because the shed door partially broke, letting rain be blown inside.  Also, mice had made their way in, and were nesting in some of the bags.  But some of the things were not touched by moisture or mice and so I took those to a thrift store, threw a bunch of stuff out, but didn't get it by any means all cleaned out.  Halfway home, I began having severe back pains and realized I had pulled some muscle.  I knew when I'd done it. carrying out a box to go to a thrift store, that was both heavy and awkward, felt something "give" when trying to get it between cars out to my car.  Last night, was quite painful if I moved the wrong way, but it's much better this morning.

The great thing is I found a sink in that shed, unwanted, and was allowed to bring it home.  I will make a litter box of it for nonabsorbable litter.  It already has a drain and the slope!

The pain though not fun didn't affect me badly last night.  I was so happy, being able to get out of town, round up cats again, see some people, just really made me happy.

Two of the cats hailed from Benton County.  There was this handsome Siamese mix male from south Corvallis, dubbed Mr. Blue Eyes!

Mr. Blue Eyes napping after surgery.
There was this prolific calico, Peaches, from the Lewisburg area, whose kittens routinely ended up at Heartland.  No more.
Peaches the calico, now spayed!

A stray male, probably dumped, was fixed from Lebanon.  The woman lives on a rural road and he just showed up.  He's friendly and wonderful so likely got dumped.  His name is now Sam.
The very handsome and sweet Sam.  Why anyone would dump such a sweet boy is beyond belief.
Then a Lebanon friend had gotten someones mom cat fixed awhile back, helping her out.  But the cat had had three skinny kittens.  Finally one was big enough and well enough to be fixed.  She is delightful!
Cutie, a wonderful laid back white girl kitten, spayed yesterday.
The other five cats fixed all came from Albany, two from the same household.  These folks originally called me hoping I would take in a torti, they found over on highway 34 by the gas stations near I5.  But in the end, their own two unfixed cats made the trip to be fixed.  A little girl kitten and a big boy.
Fatboy, Albany big boy fixed yesterday.

Cali, Fatboy's roommate, a little calico, also fixed yesterday.

A stray Albany teenage male, who showed up starved to death in someones back yard, was also fixed yesterday.
Charlie, the stray Albany teen, fixed yesterday.
And Vendetta's last two boys were fixed.  Been a long haul getting all the cats fixed there, including saving Solo, the black kitten eating from a dumpster next to this house.  But fixed they all are now, and most are actually in homes.  Yesterday, their last two kittens, Blackie and Tiger, were fixed.
Blackie, Albany male kitten fixed yesterday.

Tiger, brown tabby male kitten fixed yesterday.
I stopped by the Elk place on the way back, to change Peaches' paper.  She had pooped.  And while there, an Elk crossed in front of my car, then sauntered down the sidewalk.  And in the field--a coyote came for a drink from the wetlands, then ran across the field, laid down for awhile in the middle of the field, seemed to be waiting for a friend who was late or a no show, and finally wandered off.

I was very fortunate to get enough gas contributions to make this trip for the cats.  But I like getting out of town now and then also.  I don't go anywhere now unless I can round up the gas money to take a load of cats to be fixed.  Gas is just too expensive.  Can drive a person a bit stir crazy to be at home all the time.  I get by.  These are hard times and the people I run into with unfixed cats are barely making it if making it at all.

My brother bought me lunch down with the cats yesterday.  We were talking about how the industrial revolution affected humans by removing so many jobs to automation, and as we "progress" that number of jobs lost to mechanization only continues to climb.  Industrialization and mechanization are under rated factors in global recession.

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