Sunday, October 07, 2012

Insulating the Window Cat Box for Winter

My under eaves cat run is a big hit with the cats.  Most of the time now, most of the cats are outside.  Won't be that way if winter hits.  We are having a late summer in Oregon.  It's not warm enough to call it summer weather or do warm weather activities like swimming, because there is a wind that comes with this dry low humidity weather.   The wind and low humidity have upped the wildfire risk in Oregon and Washington.  The temperatures sometimes are upper sixties during the day and sometimes mid seventies.

That won't last.  Rain and cold and gray will return as usual to Oregon.

I need to block the air from coming through from outside to inside from the under eaves cat run opening for when the weather changes.

My solution was cheap!  I bought used $5 windows from the Corvallis Habitat Restore and simply screwed them onto the cat house window box frame, on the end.  For the larger area of the west facing side, I purchased a bigger used window from the Habitat Restore.  The sliding half of the window didn't work.  It would fall out of its own frame.  Something was missing from the bottom of the frame.  I inserted the metal frame of an old screen into the bottom of the window frame, figuring they would raise the height of the window enough so it would not fall out of its own frame plus were of material the window could slide across.  It worked.

I made a wood frame to hold the large window, and attached that frame to the cat box frame.  It was a quick cheap fix.  I'll have to block some areas the windows don't cover.  They were not a perfect fit but they were pretty close.

The larger window, in the frame I built, one side open.

These two small windows I just screwed in place.  They are backwards to usual installation, but  I wanted to just screw them right to the frame and to do so, without a lot of work, putting them on backwards was easiest.

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