Monday, October 08, 2012

Three Cats Caught, Two Starving Kittens Saved. Yesterday.

I returned to the Two Legged Torti colony last night.  Four teens, kittens when I was last there, whom I never saw and whom the colony caretakers never saw, had showed up and needed caught to be fixed.  I drop trapped three of the four in one fell swoop.  The fourth will be harder to catch, but we will get him.

This was after I answered a call from out of area folks, over picnicing in Avery Park in Corvallis.  They had heard loud kitten meows from the bushes near where they were having a family get together.

They said they'd almost coaxed the tiny kitten to them, but not quite.  I said I'd come catch her if they would take her since I could not take another.  They had parley quickly amongst family members and agreed.  So off I went.  By the time I arrived, however, they had caught her.  I donated a carrier to them to transport her home.  They live clear up somewhere near Mt. Hood.

But, she was horribly dehydrated.  There's no water anywhere near and the poor little thing is only about six weeks old and close to starvation also.  I told them she needed to see a vet immediately.  I hope she was taken to a vet.

I looked around briefly for more.  People usually don't dump just one kitten.  But the state she was in, would be a miracle, if others were dumped, for them to have survived.

I got some cats fixed for a woman living in Albany who had two mom cats each with kittens.  The one mom and her kittens were fixed awhile back.  I was going to take the second mom whose kittens are about a month old, since they eat on their own, but she was ill with coccidia.  So I'd returned her.

Now the woman has had a neighbor complain about her cats to her landlord.  The old woman neighbor, purportedly a drunk, had been angry over a black stray kitten entering her yard and pooping and said she was going to snap the kittens neck next time it entered her yard.

This kitten wasn't one of the woman's however.  She'd been hanging out behind 7-11 and trying to eat trash. One lone little girl, just trying to survive in a brutal world.

Solo, little black female kitten dehydrated and starving so badly she was grabbing food from a 7-11 dumpster.
The house woman with the cats had to take them all to a relative's garage.  She does not know if she will be evicted today or not.  I also trapped the little feral kitten trying to make it on her own, behind her house last night.  She turned out to be not so feral and burst into huge purrs of relief nestled against my chest last night in a towel.

Ava, mom of the Hole in the Wall kittens, is leaving Wednesday.  I will still have four cats in my bathroom--Snow, Rose, Forest (formerly Freddie and before that, Terminator) and now Solo, the little black girl.

Juno now!
Juno has settled in here quickly once out of the bathroom and gained weight and made friends.  Last night, because she loves it, I gave her some cat milk up where she was, on the cat run.

More of my tooth fell out last night, a rock size chunk of amalgam filling.  I call dentists again today, supposedly on my plan and accepting new patients, according to the plan's website, but they don't really accept the plan.  I ask if they know who does, but none know anyone in this area who accept Oregon Health Plan.  I don't know what to do.

Here's what I have lost so far of that tooth.  The piece on the left was the part that broke off with the popcorn accident.  The inside is face up.  The rock on the right fell out last night.  It's all amalgam (former filling).
Blueberry still waits at Heartland Humane in Corvallis for a home.  I have visited her twice and she is very cage stressed. Her big excitement that she looks forward to is feeding time.  She's in an upper level cage in the stray cattery.  You have to use a ladder to see her.  She needs a home so badly.  I am going to cry to think about it.

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