Thursday, October 04, 2012

Wind Yesterday Drops Maple Branch on Garage

Yesterdays' wind caused a branch to split off the maple and fall onto my garage.  All I heard from inside was a giant crash!  Even small maple branches are heavy.  However I climbed up to the roof, from a five foot ladder, and with the sawzall, as the Presidential debate droned on inside, on the TV,  cut the fallen branch off.  It then crashed into my driveway.  I cut it up further until the sawzall battery went dead, as it does, in about four cuts.

Love my backyard--cat house, lawn chair, log for my feet.  I placed those stones, to form a patio, a year after I moved in here.  I already had them, from my former place!

Comet loves Miss Daisy.  She tolerates him sometimes.

Rose, from the Bone Pile colony in Lebanon, still a bit shy, but not bad.  She waits for a home.

Snow, from the Lebanon Bone Pile colony.
Snow and Rose together.  He's older than she is.

Jade, from that Millersburg garage, where she had kittens in a corner and the people (loud Christians) refused to help her.  I'd already gotten about 16 cats fixed for them, and another 14 for the Mormons across the street, with no donations from anybody. Had been badly bitten by the Mormons dog too, on the leg, when I went to return cats there.  Still have scars. Nasty little dog! I set Jade and the kittens up in a rabbit hutch in their garage, trying to get them to get involved, but they never even fed her in it, so I just took her and the kittens home one day, never even told them.  You'd think they would have called to see if I had them and the rabbit hutch, which was mine, but I never heard from them again.  Jade's kittens got homes after they were fixed.  Jade has been so happy here.

Starry, the happy go lucky torti from the N. Albany swamp--a similar tale, of fairly well off people feeding abandoned cats but not fixing them.  None participated or helped in any way or even donated the gas money they said they would donate.  Starry and her siblings, Nemo and Peko, were very ill with giardia.  Peko got a home.  Nemo went to a home but was returned two months later a different cat.  He now lives in the cat yard, no longer the ultra social little boy he was before he went to that home.
Smolder, son of Sage, atop the other maple, the one that had to be taken out due to the trunk splitting to ground.  However, it's growing back (if I let it) and I left a ten foot trunk in place and topped it with a platform, for the cats, and a walkway up.  The cats love to sleep up there amongst the new sprouts of the resurrecting maple.

Zeva, a neighbor's cat (although I got her and many others from that house fixed and my neighbor, not her owners, feeds her) taunts Mooki, one of my cats, through the cat yard fence.  Mooki is a pushover for a charming girl cat.  Zeva later swats at his face when he moves forward to sniff her, full of friendly anticipation, through the wire.  Zeva is bored to death.  When my neighbor is late getting home, I see Zeva waiting, sometimes pacing, in front of her house, because often now, my neighbor lets her inside.  Too bad people don't take care of their own cats.  The neighbor caring for her is not her owner.  That title belongs to the people on the street behind me.
I can't believe Mooki is already six years old.  Comet, his best buddy, is 8.  Panda and Solomon, a brother and sister from Lebanon, are 6 1/2 years old.   Miss Daisy is 10!  Ten years old.  My sweet little girl is 10!  Electra is 14!  Vision is 18.  Geriatric ward here.  Gretal is 7 1/2.  Hairy is estimated to be between 10 and 12.  Poppy is 6 years old.  Jade is between 5 and 8 years old, the vet estimated.  Brambles is 6.  Sam is six years old at least.

The youngest cats here are Starry, Nemo, Teddy, Slurpy, Starr, Honey, Calamity and Shaulin.  Teddy, Starr and Honey are all from the Corvallis homeless camp.  Shaulin comes from the mad scientist bengal breeder man in Albany.  She went to a home, as Honey did, but was returned, as Honey was.  Calamity is from a situation a couple blocks from here where the only responsible person in the area was a severely DD woman.  People were so condescending to her, and yet she was the one trying to get all the cats in the little area fixed and helped--the only one.

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