Saturday, September 15, 2012

Goodbye Twinkle!!!

Twinkle got a home this evening!  Isn't that fantastic?  Of the five Lebanon kittens, only Blueberry still waits.

I had a busy day after taking up the 15 cats to be fixed yesterday.  Lucky for me and the Bone Pile Colony cats,  six of whom were among those fixed yesterday, a Wilsonville woman took the three teens and the lactating gray tux long hair adult from that colony in.  That poor adult female weighed only five pounds.

This morning I cleaned all the traps and carriers after returning the seven to the Spicer Annex colony and the two boys to the One Woman colony in Albany.  Do you like my colony names?

Then I left for Lebanon, with the two cats returning to the Bone Pile colony--the calico, who has produced, I was told, at least 18 kittens in her two reproductive years, and the male.  Then I stopped by my friends place and picked up the  Hole in the Wall kittens.  I took them back to be with mom, up in Wilsonville.  At first she wasn't real excited to see them, but soon they were crawling all over her. And the flip good side to that is my friend tonight took on two more of the kittens from the Bone Pile colony needing foster care, the delightful brother and sister below, who tamed very quickly.  The little boy, up front in photo below, is something else!

Hole in the wall kittens reunite with mom, up in Wilsonville.  Quite the saga for the little family.

Lovely optimistic clownish Twinkle got a home today.

We will miss you here Twinkle, but I am very glad you got a home!

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