Friday, September 14, 2012

15 More Fixed! Thank you FCCO!

Today, 15 more cats were fixed, vaccinated and treated for parasites at the Portland FCCO clinic.

After being up almost all night, half of which I spent out catching cats in Lebanon, I was tired out.  So I went straight to the rest area and conked out immediately.  I woke up briefly two hours later, hot.  I could not figure out in my sleep hazed brain where I was until it finally dawned on me.  I moved my car into a shadier place and promptly was out like a light again.  I slept six hours.

The 15 cats fixed included the final two boys from a small Albany colony, seven of ten from another Albany colony, and six from the Lebanon Pile of Bones colony.

Those six Lebanon cats included two owned by various area occupants of the property--a calico, whose kittens I caught with a trap, and a male, who was placed into a carrier by his owner.  He couldn't find the male's unfixed brother.  I caught the calico late in the night, early morning if you look at it that way, when she finally came up the bank.

Two black tux teens from the Lebanon colony also were fixed, one boy and one girl, plus a white kitten.  The sixth cat fixed was the gray tux long hair, mother of the Hole in the Wall kittens.  As an adult, she weighed in at only five pounds.

A Wilsonville woman not only agreed to take the black tux teens and the white kitten, but when saw that poor mom cat, lactating heavily and so skinny, she said "leave her too".  Tomorrow, I plan to take the four tiny kittens up to her.

However, the colony contact woman, not at the colony location again today, told me her stepmom thought she heard another kitten crying from inside the foundation last night, which might make sense if I had caught her mom.  But I had kittens crying in my car and all over the place last night when out there, so she could have heard one of them howling in my car. I'll check the foundation hole again.

I told her to tell her step mom I've caught twenty and 18 of those won't return.  That should make her happier.

So 8 of the 20 I have caught there so far, will be in Wilsonville.  Another two will go back.  That leaves ten to option out.

But it's better than 18, that's for sure.

Getting 15 more local cats fixed is always a blessing in disguise for the community, down the road. Think warping the future!  Five years from now, there will not be multiple offspring of these cats, being handed out, dumped, clogging shelters, dying, impregnating, spreading disease.  Not only that, but other cats and kittens will get homes because these 15 have not reproduced hundreds of other unwanted cats to compete for the homes out there.

This is one reason I love doing this.  You are playing with the future.  Use your imagination!  See what you can prevent down the road five or ten or twenty years.  You can create the future now.

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