Sunday, September 16, 2012

15 More Local Cats Fixed

I took 15 to the FCCO on Friday and 15 more to S/nipped today!

The 15 fixed today included Miley, from the Lebanon Bone Pile colony.  She's a three month old kitten and tested negative for FIV/Felk.

They included seven kittens from one Albany household.  I already got the mother of five of the kittens fixed.    The other two kittens were older and the mother of the five kittens, also fixed today, had nursed them after they were abandoned elsewhere.  That woman still has another unfixed female with four kittens still too little to be fixed.

The 15 included an Oakville road female.  Her male I took in to be fixed a few weeks ago and Heartland Humane took in the female's kittens when she could not find them homes.

Another Albany female also made the trip.

So did five Lebanon cats, one of whom is a mother with kittens who eventually need fixed.  Three are kittens  two women rescued out in Holly.

Seven boys fixed today and 8 girls.

Another good day for local cats.  I am zonkered.

I registered the cats then took off for Sunset Beach.  It was a great sunny day but not too hot.  I drug a flannel sheet from my car, laid it out on the sand and promptly fell asleep.

Twinkle may have a home now, but I must find Blueberry a home, then get the remaining Bone Pile kittens, still here, into foster or homes.  Trap the other four or five kittens up there, find them a place to go, then I might be able to trap the wild adults.  But not with hungry kittens around.

I keep forgetting my own rules:  don't e-mail when drop dead exhausted.  Bad idea!  Very bad idea.

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