Monday, September 10, 2012

Goodbye Sasha!

Sasha, the third Siamese, of the five Lebanon kittens, got a great home today.  I was about to leave to go pick up a Lebanon male, fixed today at Heartland but decided to call back the man who had left a message interested in Sasha.  Good thing.  He was halfway home, and immediately turned around and came back to meet him.

He has two cats now, one elderly and has been looking for a Chocolate point male as a friend and playmate for his four year old kitty.  It's an indoor home and he's an awesome guy.  He held Sasha on his back like a baby and Sasha went into dreamland in his arms.  So off Sasha went, to a new home, a really good one.

That leaves the two girls, who are actually the best of the litter in terms of smarts and personality.  Blueberry and Twinkle.  Where are people for you?

Sasha, off to a new home today!

Lebanon Bad Eye Kitten Colony black tux male, fixed today at Heartland.
Last Thursday, a Lebanon woman and her daughter in law, motivated the Bad Eye Kitten colony man to action and he caught the final unfixed cats in the colony--an adult male, an adult female and a teen.  Today, the male was fixed at Heartland.  Tomorrow, the female and teen will be fixed at Willamette Humane's clinic.  And that will be that.  One hard fought situation done at last.  Good for me.  Good for the neighborhood.  Great for the cats!

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