Sunday, September 09, 2012

Bank Switching

I have to get away from Wells Fargo.  I haven't received a statement in months and I can't seem to get them to send me one.

I switched to paperless before my computer broke.  After it broke, I made the call asking to switch back to getting a statement.  However, I've never received one.  I've called several times, although they claim I haven't and treat me when I call like a retarded child.  If you want beat down and put down, get yourself a Wells Fargo account!

The only way I can get a statement is to go to a local branch and get one printed off there.  Fuck that.  I don't know if they've sent one and it's been put in the wrong mail box and some neighbor with issues, and I have lots of those, has kept it, or worse.  I have no idea if that has happened because they can't answer a simple question like "Did you send that statement."  Nope. Answering that, with a simple yes or no is something they will not do.  Do they not know?  No clue here.

Speaking of the mail, I wonder what happened to the old mailman on this route.  He hasn't been around in months.  I liked him.  The new mailman isn't even friendly.  The old one, he was chatty and funny and very human.  Sure, there was that awkward time, when I thought he was single and might like me, that led to an embarrassing moment after which I hid out when he'd come to the door with a package.  But we got through that.  But he hasn't been around in some time. He was a bright spot and the new one on the route, well you wouldn't know him from a garbage truck driver.

I had trouble before with Wells Fargo.  I had a credit card through them.  The contract says they protect you against fraudulent charges and even bad purchases.  But that wasn't really true.  Not for me.  I purchased vaccines.  They arrived in merely a taped together sheet of reflective insulation and a long melted ice bag.  I stuck a frig thermometer into the package immediately and it read over 70 degrees.  Vaccines begin to degrade if they are exposed to temperatures much over 42 degrees.  If I could have used those all up within the week, ok, fine, but I had no plans to use them up that fast.  This was a lousy company.

But they would not give me a refund.  Turns out it's a one woman business and not even licensed in the city where she operates. She was a nutcase and claimed to have inside information that vaccines really don't have to be kept at certain temps.  Yeah sure, lady.  You know more than health departments, doctors, those who developed the protocol and the vaccine manufacturers altogether.  Yeah sure.

 But would Wells Fargo honor their contract and cover my butt on those bad hot vaccines?  Hell no.  So I chucked their card, told them they're liars and I wasn't dealing with a company who expects me to hold up my side but won't hold up their side.  That'd be down right stupid.  But I didn't change over the account I had there.  I wanted to leave them altogether, but changing everything is not something easy.  I hate the whole process.  So I dallied and the dallying has cost me.

I'd not deal with any bank if anybody could get away with that these days.  I'd just stuff all those one's in my mattress and sleep happy atop my huge fortune, (my shitload of nothing).  But everything's set up to force a person to let other people hold their money.  You can't cash checks or buy things online or lots of other things unless you have a debit card.  But who to trust?  Certainly no bank or financial institute really wants my business.  I'm dirt poor after all.  Must take some kind of tolerance for those big fancy bank CEO's to tolerate the haughty mouthy badly dressed poor shuffling into their bank chain stores.

Everybody says "use a credit union" but I don't know much about the ones we have around locally.  There's a list out of the safest ten in Oregon, their assets, how much they have out in outstanding loans.  Guess Onpoint is the best.  Then Oregon First.  But they have no branches around here.  I've heard mixed reviews on OSU credit union.  Guess I'll have to check it out.

Wells Fargo is going history in my life.

One thing I got to say:  it's nice sometimes to have nothing.  It's so much less to worry about.  If you lose everything, you don't lose much at all.  Must be hard to be rich.  A lot of worrying involved.

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