Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Last Two Bad Eye Kitten Colony Cats Fixed and Another Call for Help

A young mother cat and a teen male were the last two of the unfixed Bad Eye Kitten colony cats needing fixed and that was accomplished today.  All three of the these last cats from there had lice, probably from sleeping under a seedy moldy duplex.

Interestingly, the colony has increased by one fixed formerly owned male.  His owners moved out of that duplex and left him behind.  The colony man says they did try to catch him, but he had n't been going inside their place for a long time.  He said it's just as well they didn't take him because he thought the couple's kids were chasing the cat and treating it badly.  I need to build housing units for the cats.  What if some angry people move in with a just as angry big old pitbull?  The cats are used to going under that building through that backyard and would be killed.  So I need to build them nice little houses.

His daughter is moving in, he says.  Her rent went up and a roommate moved out and her job is low wage, so this is her only option now.  She is super nice.  I met her once.

So, outside of returning these two, fixed today, and building some housing units, that colony is done.

But I get another call, just now, woman just outside Lebanon, sounds like a bad situation.  She wanted me to take a dozen feral three to four month old kittens.  I told her "no" but that I would help her get them all fixed. Guess there are over 12 unfixed adults, and all those kittens, maybe more and this has been going on for some time, with a lot of feline suffering and death thrown in.

She only feeds them scraps.  She got a few fixed, paying the full price, but then went unemployed and now her unemployment is about to run out.

I not only need to get all those cats fixed, pronto, but round up major league dry cat food donations for her to feed them, probably ongoing and build some nice housing units too.

She wanted some gone, but I think I gave her a small glimmer of hope.  Because she's had distemper there, I don't want to transport those cats with any other unvaccinated cats to surgery.  So I've contacted the FCCO and asked for reservations to cover this situation.  The people can't pay a dime though.

Sounds tragically dire and terrible for the people and the cats.

Young gray female from Bad Eye Kitten Colony, spayed today.

Black tux teen male, from Bad Eye Kitten Colony, neutered today.

These are not the only situations I am working.  I am still trying to get the seven offspring of one female on Queen fixed. that woman also has another female who has kittens, too.  I am trying to catch the last two unfixed cats in a six cat colony down town.  The other four were fixed a few weeks ago.  

I've got three rescued kittens from Lebanon who need fixed, and a female, with five or six kittens.  There are three more Lebanon kittens need fixed, from a mother a Lebanon woman took to be fixed.  They are still too small.

There's another Spicer colony, that will be fixed this week at the FCCO comprised of two adult females, possibly  ones dumped by the Albany apartment complex, when management trapped then dumped cats near Home Depot.  That is what tenants told me happened to other cats who used to live at the complex.  Possibly Posey's colony were offspring of cats dumped by that complex.  How awful!  That Spicer colony, besides the two adult females, includes ten kittens.  Hopefully we will get all 12 caught.  They are super nice good natured people.

I start to get antsy, with such a long list.  Worried.  I better get busy.  I feel sick to my stomach tonight, probably heard too many sad cat stories today.  The Lebanon woman told me how the neighbor's big dog killed one of her cats in front of her eyes.  She told me a neighbor shot another of her cats to death, in front of other neighbors, repeatedly hitting it with either a pellet or BB rifle at close range.  It's hard to absorb every cat abuse story and there are so many.  Another Albany woman had several cats killed by a dog.  Lots of cats get killed by dogs in this area.  They are a major factor in cat deaths around here, along with cars, and disease.

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