Thursday, August 16, 2012

TV Non Woes and Juno

I got a bad customer service rep at comcast, that first night I called, when I got the red message screen.  That rep told me I'd have to rent equipment from them.  Made me mad.  I finally got ahold of my brother, who called them up and he got a different story, that it was a comcast upgrade so the equipment rental was free and that I would just need to take his bill and go to a comcast office to pick up the converter. 

Off I went.  Much to my surprise, being mostly isolated and certainly not in the know about this conversion, they had tables of reps set up to hand out the converters like it was a big deal I had somehow missed.  They even offered bottled water "because it's a hot day".  Hard to be mad then.  I tried to rev my outrage but the attempt fizzled.  I came home, hooked it up, called a number to activate, got a really nice guy on the other end of the activation number who said he lives in Beaverton, and it was done.  TV back on.  I got a new remote to use with the converter box.  Good thing.  Mine is so broken in so many places the batteries would fall out all the time.

My cats love the under eaves cat run.  It's changed the dynamics around here.  Now most of them are out in it or in the cat yard.  Has calmed things considerably.

Shaulin, Poppy and Chessie in the window box.

Alexi stares at me through the window, from the cat run, as I do dishes.

Juno is here, been touch and go.  I took her to the vet and she had a temp of 106.  She probably got heat stroke or severely over heated and dehydrated in the heat.  She's improving, but the first day, I gave her fluids by mouth every hour, besides the sub cu.  I don't know if she'll ever be quite right again.  She nearly fried down there.  When she first came she was so lethargic I could handle her at will.  Now she hisses again now and then, so she must feel better.  She was full out feral.
Juno, from the seed warehouse, mom of the girl kittens I netted, now back in my bathroom.

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