Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Lebanon Unwanteds

Before Juno came back, which was only two or three days ago, I had gone up to Lebanon, out of boredom really, after a woman called to say she'd caught four feral kittens out playing in the road.  I told her I probably could not take them. I'd been e-mailing other people hoping they could.  But the upstairs apartment was scorching hot and the four were hiding under the bathroom sink cabinet.  So I took three. The downstairs neighbor, whose free roaming female is responsible, is adopting the fourth.

I brought them back, vaccinated them, flea treated, all that, and it wasn't an hour before Viv was telling me she needed to return Juno, as she was lethargic and very ill.  I was stressed again.  I thought I could, as usual, find an adoption rescue to take in these three, but I couldn't.  Then I panicked over it and posted them on craigslist, although I did say they'd first have to be fixed.  I got lots of responses, but am convinced most are from the very same person covering her butt.  That person has contacted me  before on kitten ads.  Simply asking her to fill out the adoption application  stops her.  I believe she lives near Sherwood or Newberg.  So these three darlings plus Juno are in my bathroom and I'm feeling quite panicked, by increasing numbers here by four.  I already have so many to care for and no help.

I don't know what to do with Juno now. I don't want to keep her here.  But she's experienced apparently heat stroke which means she'll be half off for life.  What a pickle I am always in.

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