Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This is Comcast For You. No Warning. My TV Today.

I had basic cable, now I have this.

Comcast tried to tell me when I called I must have a super old TV, but I found out later that comcast is scrambling all HD signal and charging on their network to unscramble, even to limited basic cable users.  It's a "mo' money for us" thing.  Greed.

I don't give a crap if something is HD or not.  My eyes are bad anyhow.

I'm torn now on what to do.  My older brother gets me internet/limited basic, in the required bundle (you can't get internet without limited basic with comcast) as a revolving b-day present.  However, I don't ever hear from my brother.  It's his account.  I can't alter anything or rent equipment under it.  Not that I think it is right, what comcast is doing, to embezzle more money from struggling souls.  So I'm torn.  But I'm not staring at a red comcast blood money screen for more than another day.  If I don't hear from my brother, I'll have to send him a letter and hope he might read snail mail.  And then I'll disconnect from the greedy scum that comcast has become.  That will also mean losing internet access.

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