Thursday, August 23, 2012

Help Find These Kittens Homes! (thank you)

 Tuesday, I drove all the way to Coos Bay and the S/nipped clinic to get these five Lebanon kittens fixed.  I need to find them homes!  They all come from that awful Lebanon area, full of strays and unfixed owned cats.  A family caught them, one by one, using a rabbit hutch with yarn attached to the door, to yank it shut when a kitten entered for food.  Their mother is an unfixed former house cat, formerly owned by a nearby neighbor.  They are trying to catch her.  And other strays including an apparently abandoned super pregnant calico.

 I paid for two of these kittens to be tested.  They were negative.  They were so flea infested, they had tapeworm segments squiggling out their butts, so I also paid $10 per kitten to get them droncit injections.  And I paid for my gas to travel all the way to the S/nipped clinic and back.  In other words, I am practicing self destructive financial behavior to save little Lebanon kittens.  But what to do?  There is no help in this area for unwanted cats or kittens.  There is a local no kill shelter but they rarely take in a cat.  There's just no help out there, around here, except if little people shell out to do it.  I am trying to recuperate some of the money I laid out (on a credit card) through adoption fees for these kittens but so far, have not had even one serious response.  Crossing fingers and toes.
Sasha--Chocolate Point Siamese male kitten.

Twinkle, Black tux female kitten.

Twinkle, Blueberry and Wasabi recuperate after spay/neuter surgery.

Wasabi--Blue Point male kitten.

Sasha on the left, Willow, a girl kitten, the wild thing of the bunch, on the right.

Twinkle, the black tux girl.

Willow and Sasha after surgery.

Twinkle once again.

Wasabi again.
Blueberry, a long hair girl kitten.

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