Monday, August 20, 2012

Photos of the 15 Albany and Lebanon Cats Fixed Yesterday FCCO

 Thank you FCCO (Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon) for fixing 15 Albany and Lebanon cats yesterday!  I had no money to take with me to donate with the cats, always embarrassing, but they did them anyhow and six will be charged through the Albany grant.  As for the other nine, they are vaccinated now, free of parasites, and most importantly, fixed.  They will not contribute to the mid valley's overpopulation problem.

If anyone would like to cover the cost for one of these mid valley cats, that would be awesome!

Donate on their website!

The cats fixed yesterday included three from Lebanon:

Gray tabby tux Lebanon male fixed yesterday.
Chocolate point Siamese Lebanon male, fixed yesterday.

Siamese mix young Lebanon female, fixed yesterday. 
I also took up a mom and her five boy teen kittens from a location on Knox Butte Road, just outside Albany.  All six are now fixed!  No more reproduction there!

Black male teen fixed yesterday. 
Orange tabby teen, black male teen, and one of three buff teens fixed yesterday.  Five boy teens in all.
Gray tabby mom, fixed yesterday, and mom of the five boy teens.

One of three buff boys, in the five boy teen mix, fixed yesterday.

Another buff boy fixed yesterday.
Then there were the six cats I trapped at the Albany apartment complex, two girls and four boys, all fixed yesterday.
Adult black tux female, fixed yesterday
Limpy, DSH black male fixed yesterday.

Black tux teen female, fixed yesterday.

Hoss, big black male fixed yesterday.

Fred, big Lynx Point Siamese fixed yesterday.

Fred Again.

Lion King, big red long hair male, fixed yesterday.

Black tux teen again.

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