Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Marathon--20 Local Cats Fixed, Sasha Steps in Scentsy

I didn't think I could round up 20 cats, after two situations cancelled, for Saturday, to fill the 20 reservations I'd made.  But it wasn't hard at all.

Four, in the end, came from Corvallis.  Teenagers.  Their mom was already fixed.  Two boys and two girls.
Bug, one of two black male teens from Corvallis fixed yesterday.

Peanut, the other black teen fixed yesterday.

Marshmellow, torti point siamese female fixed yesterday.

Patches, torti teen fixed yesterday.

Seven more cats, all kittens, were fixed from Albany.  A disabled couple had rescued their precious babies from two locations. Three girls and a boy.
Ginger, buff tabby girl kitten, fixed yesterday.

Jack, org tab on white boy kitten, fixed yesterday.

Jill, Albany torbi on white kitten, spayed yesterday.

Zoey, Albany gray and white kitten, fixed yesterday.
Three more kittens came from the mom rescued pregnant off craigslist who had kittens immediately.  Two of them had already been fixed, along with mom.  The rest were fixed yesterday.  One girl and two boys.
Mr. McDowell, Albany orange tabby male kitten, fixed yesterday.

Sam.  Albany red tabby male kitten fixed yesterday.

Mr. McDowell and Princess, an Albany brown tabby female kitten fixed yesterday.

Then, Cat Bob, a massive and good natured male, from Oakville road, also made the trip.  His owner also has a female with kittens.

The Impressive and Kind Cat Bob--neutered yesterday.

I took along 8 more from the Lebanon situation where the five kittens in my bathroom came from.  I got swarmed when I arrived over there by neighbors bringing over their cats and stuffing them into my car.  There was Ditto, the pregnant muted calico, mother of some of the cats I had already taken to be fixed.  There was Percy, the Lynx Point Siamese teen.

A little girl came up with a huge gray tabby on white long hair male scruffed and hanging almost to the ground because he was as long as she was tall.  I called him Henry.  He is owned and someone yelled at the owner and she yelled back, "Go ahead and take him and get him fixed."

I trapped King Tut, the feral flea crawling Siamese male who has created a zillion Siamese mix babies in the area.  I caught Missy, the mom of the kittens in my bathroom.  I caught a black and white, unfixed but owned, and the young adult owner yelled "Yeah get him fixed" as he went by, on a bike or skateboard, I can't remember which.  Then I caught another black and white who looks exactly like the one we thought was owned and put him in the car.  One of the two is the owned black and white and the other, well he was so starved, don't know.  Both are fixed now.

The whole cat population in that area might now be fixed, except Percy's people,who have an unfixed female who just had kittens.  It was a great effort there for the cats.  Today they all go home.  There were only two real ferals in the bunch--King Tut and Missy, the mom of the kittens in my bathroom.  But if that family had not caught Missy's kittens, and she and those kittens had bred more, the population quickly would have exploded.  So fixing this situation was a "save", if you put it in baseball terminology.
Boulder, tame and owned black and white male, one of two I caught at the Lebanon situation yesterday, in a trap, then got owner permission to get him fixed.

Henry, DLH gray tabby on white male, fixed yesterday and a very likable sweet cat.

Meowmeow, youngish orange tabby tux male, fixed yesterday.

Meowmeow again.

Percy, young Lynx Point male fixed yesterday.

Stones, the twin in looks of Boulder, one of whom is owned, but we're not sure which.  Both Stones and Boulder are fixed now. The owner of one of them (we thought it was the same cat) gave permission for fixing, after he was caught.

Ditto, pregnant muted calico, from Lebanon, fixed yesterday.

Wild boy King Tut, who has spawned many area Siamese mix kittens, including Sasha, Willow and Wasabi (in my bathroom) is now fixed.

Missy, mm of the kittens in my bathroom, now fixed.

I'd handed off Sasha, the seal point kitten, to a friend, to socialize more, the day before yesterday.  But she started texting me yesterday, while I was at the clinic, to say the poor little guy stepped into a Scentsy candle in her bathroom, getting wax hardened all over one front leg.  She was frantic over it, afraid I'd be mad.  I kept pulling over somewhere when she would text, to reply, since I was finally on my way home with the cats last night.  Then she tried to cut off some of the wax and ended up cutting him and was so upset with herself.  She called my vet, even though it was off hours, but my kind vet called her back, and told her I could take care of it and not to worry.  So Sasha is back here now.  She brought him back when she picked up her three kittens, with the woman who had adopted two of them, a friend of hers.  They were both so nice.

On the way back, I stopped by the Elk rest area, to use the restroom and take a short snooze.  The elk were within feet of the road, oblivious to the onlookers, some of whom soon may be purchasing elk tags, to kill elk, during hunting season.

And me?  The two days were so long and lacking in sleep, outside a few hours spent dreaming hard laid out in the back of my dirty car, that even after nine hours of flat out sleep acquired last night, I feel like freight train roadkill.  I kept telling myself, as I was trying to endure, "This is just something has to be gone through."

  I'll return the Lebanon cats, still in my garage (all the rest went home last night), then I will happily go back to dreaming in my bed.

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