Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Seed Farm Siamese Video

Today, Vivienne, a friend from Brownsville, transported Simon (formerly of "The Bushes, Albany, OR) and Kahlua and Sambi, the seed warehouse kittens, to a WA state Siamese rescue.  I wanted to cry my eyes out to see them go,, but hopefully they will get great new lives!

Thank you, Vivenne, for making that happen and to Terrie for taking them on.

I also transported a very ill Lebanon kitten to Portland today where he went off with a Portland rescue and he will see a vet tomorrow. I met the Lebanon woman who rescued him from a yard where a man feeds strays to take him, this afternoon, and first saw how bad off he is.  The kitten would be dead in that yard right now had she not taken him out.  But his eye is gray and bulging and his stomach feels mushy, like maybe FIP, but we shall see.  He also has patches of what look like ringworm, so I quickly bathed him in antifungal shampoo before taking him up.

I think the guy feeding the strays should be charged with negligance as he will not help get them fixed and will not help the sick kittens yet continues to feed.  So sad.

Since Sunday, 14 local kittens and two adults, have left our area, through my hands.  Eight of those came from the cemetery colony.  Two were from the south Corvallis seed warehouse.  Three more kittens and the two adults came from an Albany yard, where they lived as strays.  And lastly, there was the above sick kitten from Lebanon.

Can't forget Jack, the wonderful Siamese boy I found with the leg over his collar and badly injured from that.  He's recovering at Heartland.  He's super wonderful if you are considering adoption.  Go ask Heartland about Jack. Make sure they know he's being thought of, watched and is loved.  I want him to end up in a great loving home.

Getting that many kittens and cats out of here, off the streets, that's a victory, if you ask me, a victory in this long brutal war.

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