Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Garden is a Blessing

Bush beans from my garden for breakfast!

The zucchini growing outside are volunteers, from seeds in the compost.

I didn't put much effort into this year's garden.  Last year, I transplanted my strawberries out of the garden box to the landscape strips in front of the house, to give them more room.  I didn't expect too much from them, since I transplanted them late, but I got a good crop nonetheless.

I have enjoyed cauliflower, the best I've tasted, from plants I bought young at a West Albany student greenhouse sale.  I attended the sale because my neighbor's son is involved in the greenhouse.  The small spindley plants grew into great cauliflower!

I have had carrots, tomatoes, kale, onions, lettuce, bush beans, peas and squash.  Lately, I've been eating mainly garden produce, which greatly reduces my grocery costs.  I have soup I've been eating for days that includes bush beans, zucchini, onions and carrots from the garden.  I had fried zucchini last night.  I sometimes cool the beans after cooking them, and eat them as finger food, in home made dip.

My garden has blessed me greatly.  I am lucky to have a bit of space, though not much, to grow some food.  I have no gardening expertise, no green thumb and bascially throw down some seeds and water when I might remember to water.

Screech visits quite often.  He rushes up to me like I'm a long lost friend, rubbing against my leg.  But, Screech is Screech and as he rubs against my leg, he hisses and growls.  Makes me laugh.  He wants wet food and likes to eat it in my garage so the neighbors' black tux barely noticed police cat doesn't go after him.  He tries to sleep in the neighbor's shed, which causes ruffles with the police cat, who has issues from lack of love.

So, sometimes I let him sleep in my garage.

Softee me.

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